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Russian Ministry of Defense is launching the new project "I served in the Russian Army" with the hashtag #Яслужил (literally "I served"). Participation in the project is open to all those people who served in the Russian (Soviet) army/navy forces.
Defense Ministry's press service publishes an information about the new campaign, which is dedicated to 23th of February - the Day of Defender of the Motherland.
Ministry of Defense reported that the event will bring together all the defenders of the Motherland, with regardless of the type of troops from those borders, where military service at the time had passed.

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It will end up like #SummerInSyria hashtag that Syrian government launched during the war.

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Splendid, this way everyone knows if you are gay.

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Nice but pointless idea.

Anyway, #Iserved.

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gtfo homo

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That's just a simple detector for monitoring cannon fodder for the WW3.

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Implying I'm going to fight for kremlin thieves. Nu-uh, I have a plan in case of mobilization.

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Like what, by putting a cap of invisibility and then flying away to New Zealand?