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/int/ 39425033: I am 26, just finished my masters and looking for a PhD...

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I am 26, just finished my masters and looking for a PhD position. I finished my degree with average grades and one fucked up internship. In all likelihood I will be looking for a PhD position for a long time before someone hires me.
In the meantime I have taken a job as a tutor at an after school agency, tutoring chemistry and biology. The thought of being stuck living at home at 26 and most likely not being able to find a job quickly enough, or having to settle for some mundane job on a more permanent basis is driving me crazy.

I know my troubles might be very minor compared to the things some of you are going through but it feels overpowering to me. I sometimes feel like I can't even breath.

Thanks for listening to me.


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At least you are not 89iq with social phobia like me

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You will be fine.
As long as you dont stop trying.
Its a common issue among people of your age.

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Can't you hire certain "shady" agencies to find a doctorate position quickly?

t. article reader

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Not that I know of.

I have been considering applying for positions in Germany.

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How does having average grades and getting into a PhD programme work?

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Im currently homeless and youre crying about this stupid shit?

Why are Euros so weak and pussy?

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Specify your question please.

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homeless people in portugal don't get internet access
check your privilege

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Wouldn't you need good to top grades in order to be even considered for such a programme?

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If you had bad grades with the MSc why do you consider PhD?
Go to fucking industry, you will earn moneys.

t. academia person

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I have eggsgellend grades and been wörking for a year in the industry but considering PhD because i miss maths and theory

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> just finished my masters
At least you didn't screw your bachelor in the 6th semester like me

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Grades and PhD don't have to be necessarily correlated

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I miss maths and theory, but I don't miss sucking teacher's cocks for good research topics.

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I'm in the 11th semester Bachelor and can't finish because I can't get an internship.
I'm going to drive taxi m8.

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How did you screw your bachelor?

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>Wouldn't you need good to top grades in order to be even considered for such a programme?

PhD in the Netherlands is not a programme but a job. This is the big contrast between the Netherlands and other countries.

So there often is less focus on having high grades but more on being good at practical work and being a decent all round researcher.

I don't have bad grades. Just average grades. I have a 3.02 average gpa (B average)

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I'm sucking my boss's cock to be assigned to interesting projects so it's sames really