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/int/ 39588439: >hurr American rockets didn't destroy anything...

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>hurr American rockets didn't destroy anything

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RT told me so. It must be true. When RT lied?

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Assad has over 100 planes.

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And Trump has thousands of rockets nearby.

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thats not a tomahawk

frankly, tomahawk was a poor choice of weapon for this.

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What is it?

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what did they destroy? planes were taking off 24 hours after the bombardment.

6 50 year old mig-23's which you can buy for $100,000 used?

please, cockhole.

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>hurr, I must defend my master

Go kneel before them now, slave.

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PS cockhole OP's video is old as shit, and shows bunker buster bombs in action. not tomahawks.

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So what is that? That is clearly a Syrian airbase and a Syrian MiG.

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I just see the explosion. Maybe the jet is ok?

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it made a statement that Trump is not a Russian asset, while also not helping the wahhabist terrorists in Syria

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video is 7 years old. atlantic shill mission failed.

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I don't know, but it's no a tomahawk.

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Yea, wing placements and size look a bit different.

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Oops, wrong pic.

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Swine overreacted as usual.

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>get shit slapped by school bully
>hurr only 23 of your 59 punches landed you loser haha

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Here is a fragment of a tomahawk filmed by the putin's propagandists. Eggsperts say it's no older than from 2015.

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Planes can take off from the highway if you take fuel there with a truck. Operating an airfield needs fuel and ammo depots and hangars for service. Just because you make a propaganda show of dragging a fuel truck there and have a plane take off doesn't mean the airfield is operational.

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>get attacked by high-tech superpower with $100 million dollar barrage
>70% of missiles miss. those that hit cause next to no damage

ah, perspective

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Looks like a GBU-39/B.

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>frankly, tomahawk was a poor choice of weapon for this.

Trump has investments in Raytheon, the builder of the Tomahawk:

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Everything you just said is according to your official, which isn't worth our attention tbh.

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>That is clearly a Syrian airbase and a Syrian MiG

I really don't even know what to say.

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Eggsperts suggest it's RGM/UGM-109H TTPV rockets with WDU-43/B warheads.

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> 70% of missiles miss. those that hit cause next to no damage

According to Russian propaganda news.

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Raytheon also make JDAMS you stupid shit.

my employer

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Yeah, that's clearly what we see on the OP's gif. Don't believe your eyes, believe POCCNR 24.

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Wich require a plane to deliver. Stupid faggot.

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Lick it

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it's a 7 year old video you dipshit cockhole. you're getting annoying.

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>>39588578 what?

JDAMs were used to destroy airfields in Libya - that is a better use of them. Tomahawks are for unprotected surface targets.

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You promised to send Brimstone's schematics for its tri-mode seekers. What happened?

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Here is a hole made by a missile and a statement of the russian propagandist. He says 9 planes were destroyed. Now they claim 6 kek.

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Brimstone is MBDA

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Most likely defenseless airfields. Like come on, it's not hard to see that you can't risk a manned plane getting shot down. If a Tomahawk gets shot down, you only lose money. If a pilot gets killed, we're risking WW3.

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>cockhole protect his master
Really makes you think

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comment disregarded, underage get banned.

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he was obviously lying since he's a russian propagandist.

it's funny how cockholes cite russian news when it suits them, and dismiss it when it doesn't. just like when they post 7 year old videos and try to pass them off as yesterdays airstrikes.

pick one or the other, spineless turd.

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Assad has 20 less planes than he had a few days ago.

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that plane probably wasnt worth more than the missile

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> If a pilot gets killed, we're risking WW3.
You fucking morons have a memory of a golden fish. Rooster pilots are expendable garbage on that war.

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If he had lost 20 planes we would have seen satellite footage showing 20 wrecks.

As it is, the only thing that has been lost is a 59 tomahawk cruise missiles and their reputation.

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What the fuck kekel, did you even pass primary school English? You're basically worse than your predecessor in any way, shape or form, tell your supervisor I want him back.

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>polish president in okraine
>in okraine
Really? I thought it was Poland. But then again, khokhols kneel all the time as their slave mentality dictates them, might as well be them.

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This gif is so funny. Look at ukraine on this map, and it is made even before pigstry got wrecked by svidomites. I wish there was more modern version with a current year.

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They kneel because kots force them.

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That didn't even make sense. You're trying too hard.

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Astronomy hater detected.

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nice "i'm a bitch and have nothing to say" retort, but what exactly doesn't make sense?

The US always publishes drone footage/satellite pics of the aftermath of its operations. If they had anything to show for themselves they would have done so.

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Even arabs managed to lighten up their desert, and pigs didnt, what a useless scum.

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Ivan, sometimes you need to do a reality check. Your interpretation of reality seems bizarre to anyone outside of Mordor.

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Man I can't take this amount of butthurt
Please Ukraine. Stop

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All adequate people in the west watch RT and not fox news zombies.

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Though words from a person who ITT has only proven that he's mentally handicapped.

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no one in the west watches RT

some assburgers do and even then only for a cheap laugh at the absolutely atrocious level of journalistic integrity and hamfisted propaganda

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Oh, you're joking, I get it now.

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Thats like a million time you use that argument today, zombie.

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Workshops before and after.

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Bunkers before and after.

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Hangars before and after.

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You must have had your eyes shut pretty tight to have missed all of the satellite photos all over the internet, huh Ivan?

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Topkek, fucking hohols.

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Ukrandan genocide when?

turkutuuli Avatar


Ukrainian genocide never stopped


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>That is clearly a Syrian airbase and a Syrian MiG.
usrainian moron / 10
1) thats clearly not a tomahawk
2) thats clearly a paper plane
you dumb piece of usrainian shit.

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You're a fucking moron if you can't tell a cruise missile and bomb apart.

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It's passes right now very well actually. Population shriking like by half million every year, faster that was during WW2.

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Even proofsters agree. Tomagawk is accurate.

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In my mind this is not real

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The problem with the 23 claim is that way more objects show damage than that.

For example those ammunition bunkers are spaced by +200m. There is no way a single warhead can set them all off. Hangars and ammo bunkers alone bring the number to 25.

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T'was cruise missiles, idiot.

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Each aircraft shelter probably received two missiles.

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The attack was MASSIVE blow to Russia, as it showed that the most advanced Russian air defenmce system, the S-400, was totally incapable of defending anything against US air power. There are reports on how Russian soldiers started to cry in terror as the missiles desroyed their worthless Pantsirs and S-400s.

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The problem is you could barely see shit on this picture, but it is at least third time i see it as some kind of a proof that amerika stronk.

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That buttmad zhizo estonian. Do not reply to him

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No the ball is on your court now. I have yet to see a detailed overview provided that documents the damaged and intact portions of the base.

Until that is done then the satellite images are plausible and the 23 claim is dubious since we have only the word of Russian MoD for that.

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>these proofs are not proofs


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In the real world nobody cares about your autism whether a bunker was hit or not, the signal of stronk was given and that's all that matters. You can spend time debating here whether was it 20% or 80% stronk but it's worthless.

t. not him

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I really wonder if Russia could destroy USA with nuclear bombs or if USA is able to stop them somewhere in the air. Either way, a real nuclear war would fall the world into a total chaos and probably contaminate the whole planet, so either enemies' country.

Is it actually know how strong the strongest nuclear weapons available are in comparison tor the Tar Bomb?

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Russian butthurt is caused by their precious air defense not being able to do anything. That is very embarrassing to them so they had to quickly invent a story about missiles not hitting and AmeriKKKa weak.

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Where is the RT link??

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Nuclear warheads are not built for stronkness any more. Multiple smaller ones is better than one super stronk.

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What does one bomb's megatonnage have to do with anything? It's the combined tonnage that matters.

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russia is so strong because it has the biggest nuke

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ok. IIRC Israel alone has 200 warheads. I wonder if nuclear bombs are always directed to some place. They must, or?

For example the Israeli dead mans switch could possibly point some warheads against Germany, just for the lulz or revenge, even they mostly see Iran as a threat or so. I have more fear of Jewish and American atomic weapons as of Russians somehow.

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Israel nucular doctrine is different. It's not about the traditional deterrence of mutual destruction, rather it's an extended version of it. In normal evil countries like Russia in event of nuclear attack they will respond by nuking their enemies, but in case of super-evil countries like Israel they will nuke every country because in their viewpoint it's the whole world's responsibility to preserve Israel, so if Israel is attacked they think everyone else is responsible.

Truly disgusting, but that's the jews.

sreejithexp Avatar

> Israel they will nuke every country
Can you provide any evidence for such claims?

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Samson option. It's speculation to some degree (like is the literal existence of Israel's nuclear weapons) but that's part of their FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) strategy.

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>We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: 'Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.' I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.[30]

Pretty fucked up shit. So is it morally right to sell conventional weapons to Israel? That way they woulnd't have use their nukes.

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Kharkov and Belgorod look like North and South Korea.

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>hurr DNR artillery didn't destroy anything

chrstnerode Avatar

Interesting, they have permanent position to have beds but still didn't bother to dig the tent into the ground.

mj_berthelsen Avatar

>DNR artillery

HenryHoffman Avatar

>All adequate people in the west watch RT
pfffff ahahahaHAHAHAHA

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Finland hits theh nail. Only russian weapon autists care so much. The signal has been done, thats what resonates.

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I don't know if we'd be able to stop an ICBM storm. I doubt it. Both the USA and Russia have enough ordinance to overwhelm any missile defense system by sheer volume. Bear in mind that a single MIRV could be carrying half a dozen warheads that would come screaming through the atmosphere without warning.
Either way it would be MAD. If the Russians launched their ICBMs we would launch ours in retaliation just to spite them.

Pic is an American MIRV but I believe the Russians have them as well.

P.S. Tsar bomba is not in service. It was just an experiment.

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I just had an idea. The USA-Syria war was planned long ago, it probably didn't matter if Hillary or Trump wins because both will be made responsible for this in the American history of (apparently) senseless wars. The deep state, oil- and war-industry and ((they)) push this war any further.

Tfw realizing that this war of ((them)), industries and deep state against middle east and Russia and finally China is running all the time, since decades. They won't stop until they have any free country (yes, countries with dictators are free somehow) under control with their different tools of suppression (or "freedom" and democracy). And then, in a few time they will rule the whole world!