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How to get drivers license for cheapest price?
In my town cheapest I can get is around €1000 but probably would be even more expensive because I can't practice on my own

t. tired of going on bus

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Join the army.

dpg Avatar

I am probably going to join reserves this year, but not sure if I am permitted to join

hampusmalmberg Avatar

1. Buy ticket to US.
2. Go to any rural small town to the coutry courthouse.
3. Take driver's test and pay $20.
4. Get license.
5. Fly back to Sweden.
6. Convert US license to Swedish license.

ayalacw Avatar

is there less time-consuming and cheaper option?

joshkennedy Avatar

Fake an id calling yours self ali abd alrashrad. Say you have uzbeki truck license and if you cant get a swedish one the clerc is racist.

iamkeithmason Avatar

Go to Albania
Bribe the clerk and get your license in an hour
Get abducted
Lose your kidney
At least you've got a license

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1000eur is too expensive in sweden? It's the same here.

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You can get flights from Stockholm to the US for like €250 with Norwegian.

ritapetrilli87 Avatar

It's too much for some chinese woman to tell me "fasten seatbelt and do this and that to use stick ok?"

vicivadeline Avatar

How does theory exams work Swedes?
Is it just for signs, laws etc?

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

Yes. When i did it it was a picture of for example a crossing and a question like "your car is A are you allowed to turn right". And then 4 answers to choose from.

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Okay, so it should be easy then.
How much do you think would be a reasonable price for an intensive study course? The ones that take 2 - 3 weeks to finish.

I don't want to waste more money than necessary on some shitty bureaucracy.

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Also how much did it cost you to get a license, personally?

alagoon Avatar

Exactly 408€ in 2014

t. recorder of every expense

anhskohbo Avatar

thats breddy gud but I meant mostly Swedes
in Sweden I think generally its between 1200 - 2200 EUR or something like that

herrhaase Avatar

You should be glad licenses cost so much to obtain there. It keeps all the undesirables from being able to drive
t. roads full of undesirables

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I don't think you even need a course for theory part. Just read a book and get practice tests from the internet.

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being able to drive your pickup is an inherant human right, just like owning an AR15

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It was years ago i took mine. It was aroun 16000 iirc. If you dont want to waste time go to a good driving instructor and if they say you are not ready belive them. Also practice with a private instructor. I know there are courses that are located in the middle of nowhere that are cheap but you live there for two weeks or so.

So say 15 to 20k. Depending on where you live, also not included winter practice.

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Fuck meant halkbana.

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I also want to get my drivers license, but mostly to have better job opportunities
Fug driving though, I like taking the bus and reading or playing

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>How to get drivers license

reported to säpo

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of course I would never pay for that, it's free and I even have few years old books for it

Swedish drivers are fucking retards, and immigrants who are even bigger retards get free licenses or trade their foreign licenses for Swedish ones at cost of €20

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I would practice with a private instructor but I don't know anyone who I can ask.

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I hate bus, it's shit here.
The drivers are iq89, majority of people are 12 year old Somalis who think they are mafia, and the busses themselves are old and shitty.
Also I love going to random places impulsively, I could drive to Bulgaria or Finnmark whenever I felt like it

<å in file name
reported to ps fobba