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/int/ 39711149: Newest headline from Ramla

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A local travel agency is under fire for selling and advertising all-inclusive packages to resorts in North Cyprus (clearly written as such in the ads). Locals are mad after many of them landed and were greeted by a border control agent welcoming them to Turkey, at which point they freaked, returned to Israel and demanded a full refund (which obviously was not given, and the agency is now being threatened with lawsuits for false advertising).

My first thought was "well, that's Ramla for you" but then I realized this was a probable scenario anywhere in Israel that such an ad would be placed.


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stop making shit threads

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Look at the damned first page for shit threads this is at least a true story.

Fugging srs discussions assburgers mang

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I saw this ad.
I was surprised that tours are made in Northern Cyprus.

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Well, isnt Cyprus spread in an eastern and western part?

So landing on the north-eastern Cyprus could be within the possibilities no?

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Isn't this actually a cunning scheme to get rid of the Russian bydlo in Israel?