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/int/ 40074409: Minimal salary in Euope (brutto)

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Can we all agree that only Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK are 1st world countries on European continent and the rest is basically Africa tier?


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And Belgium with Luxembourg of course.

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10/10 graph

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>Brutto and Netto

It's fucking GROSS and NET you fucking retarded katyn-nigger.

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Stupid pole don't even know the superior nordic system involving industry specific
minimum contracts specifying holidays, healthcare and such, not just wages.

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Where's Italy on that graph?

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Their wages are specified by the local mafia. Not even kidding.

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Finland is the sick man of Europe tho'.

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>having minimum salary
Nanny states, the bunch of you

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And you think France is healthy? Your economy is just as shit as ours, the difference is that Finland understands this, meanwhile French niggers live on loans without fear of the tomorrow.

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I used Google Public Data and there's no data from Italy and Scandinavia either.

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France is triving and prospering. As long as our population grow othing can stop us. We need more niggers.

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Because there is no minimum wage. Not only you're stupid but obviously blind.

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>British minimal salary just above €14'000

Surprised, I thought it would have been around €16'000 (in euros of course)

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Artificially inflating economy with "free" jewish loans, thinking it is real growth, thinking everything is fine, sure gives you nice superficial figures to look at, but the end will be abrupt. Finland on the other hand tries to slow down by restricting the amount of "free" money, which naturally slows down the economical growth, making other countries bully us as the "sick man", when in reality when the crash happens we're not the ones who are going full speed towards it.

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Here's a better Graph OP.
It compares the minimum monthly gross wages of certain countries between January 2008 and January 2017 and shows the rate of change of each country in percentage points

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Good goy take more loans, you don't want to be the sick man, don't you?

happy merchant.png

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>Poor Greece

It's the only country with a decline of minimum monthly wage between 2008 and 2017. Minimum eages have declined there by almost 20% o_O

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Thanks lad!

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It's £1260/year assuming you work a forty hour weak at the living wage (£7.50)

At today's exchange rate that'd be 1485 euros, 17820 euros a year

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1260 a month sorry

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I'm guessing Eurostat must be basing it on a 37.5 (which it is in most European countries) hour working week as opposed to the normal 40 hour week we have here

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I just did 40 cos the maths is easier.

t. works 37h/week

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>Having a minimal salary
Enjoy needing law change to adapt to depressions and get unemployment instead of temporary cuts.

t. flexible negotiations master race

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>t. works 37h/week

Same here, unless I get asked to do extra work, in which case I can be touching 50 hours a week usually.

t. works in a sector where you can opt-out of the maximum 48 hours/week

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5th place from the bottom! so proud.

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>t. flexible negotiations master race

To be fair I wish we had that system here where you can bargain with employers. Workers in countries that have it seem to be treated much better.

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It always amazed me how Scandis combine socialism with free market economy. In many rankings characterizing economic freedom Scandis are always on top positions, there's no minimal salary etc. but at the same time income tax is one of the highest in the world and there are some oddities like toll payments for driving on regular roads (Norway).

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H i g h
T r u s t
S o c i e t y

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A few years ago we were having a clear out of a load of old shit that had cluttered in our household for years and I found some of my Dad's (the cunt) old weekly wage slips from the mid-90s. From what I remember he was getting paid around £180/week Gross and about £150/week net.
He worked as a truck driver. No wonder we were poor as fuck back then o_O

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Then again he did used to fiddle the paper analogue tachographs (this is before it went digital and computerised) so he worked much more hours than he was supposed to. I guess he got paid for them extra hours under the table (cash in hand).
For those of you too young to know what paper tachographs are:

They are very, very rarely used nowadays.

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Enjoy this while it lasts; the jew will deprive us of this.

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>It always amazed me how Scandis combine socialism with free market economy.

How are you amazed its the whole idea. Our socialists recognized quite early on that full on marxism was iq 89 and would never work well so they decided to use the free market to generate wealth which could then finance the welfare state.

Today of course it is scaled back in favor of market economy quite far but its the same idea. Honestly if you have reasonable societies this is a very sensible model. Like Switzerland uses a similar system and they are not known for being socialists as Scandis.

Every year unions sit down with companies and discuss how things are going, what are the profits/losses and operating margins etc.. Then they negotiate, unions press for higher wages and more gibs, companies press for more profits less gibs. Then they have what we call stridsåtgärder, that is "battle-actions" i.e. legally regulated ways to fight with strikes and freezes in case they don't agree, causing losses to both parties so by game theory they eventually agree.

Then you get a flexible union negotiated minimum wage reflecting the market and tailored to each section of the economy. I.e. a steel workers minimal salary is not a restaurant workers minimal salary, they will depend on respective margins and market.

Note: Free movement of labor within the EU undermines this system for low-skill jobs as companies can now just hire eastern euro truck drivers if they like and pay shit.