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shadowfreakapps Avatar

My sister brought a group of normans to watch the new got and told me to not leave my room because i'm ugly also i stink.
Pic is me in my room.

a_harris88 Avatar

If I were you I'd get out wearing only underwear and talking loud just for the fun

chatyrko Avatar

! Viva la raza francés !

anjhero Avatar

That sounds like a challenge. If you don't wander about in your underwear talking to yourself, you're a fuccboi.

andrewofficer Avatar

What the fuck are you talking about teenager

subburam Avatar

Fucking Normans, go down there with your axe and shield and drive them out!
Do it for Harold, do it, for ENGLAND!

aleclarsoniv Avatar

>guess who gets 2 stay in his room?

RussellBishop Avatar

Stand behind their door so only your erect penis protruding from the side can be seen and start making weird noises.

iamkarna Avatar

I am besieged, i woke up too late for lunch and i need to pass through the living room to get food.

aaronstump Avatar


We have to go back.

leelkennedy Avatar


Yep, this is the correct course of action. It's your home, not theirs.

franciscoamk Avatar

He needs to piss on her bed in front of them to mark territory

jehnglynn Avatar

>and told me to not leave my room

So what's the problem. When I was young pissing off my sister was priority number one. Embarrass her with your Berndness. Try and be friendly to her guests. It'll be laff.

jjshaw14 Avatar


You should enjoy your freedom and go full 420.

timgthomas Avatar

Any hotties?

scottgallant Avatar

This. Take a shit in front of her friends.

cbracco Avatar

tell em you have a friend from north mexico that has been on a narco execution video

watch dem sugarwalls melt

rdbannon Avatar

What a cunt

shoaib253 Avatar

Fucking normans.

cboller1 Avatar

KC needs more anglo saxon menes imo.

garand Avatar


>brought a group of normans

Do you want castles? Because that's how you get castles.

jjshaw14 Avatar

Why do you stink though

clementc Avatar

Slap the living shit out of your sister?

im_jsmith Avatar

You didn't want to be with them in the first place and would've stayed in your room anyways, you're just sad because her words hurted you, forget about the normies and their noise, you're just probably thinking on her words. Maybe you should change and show her you don't stink or just get mad with her and stop talking to her for a week at least or maybe you could think about words that may hurt her, picking carefully a phrase or a context, think about her weaknesses and insecurities and say them loud to her in a casual occasion, maybe even in a subtle way and if you make her feel bad about herself that'd pleasant, wouldn't it? Because what she fears the most is that her creepy brother humiliates her in front of all her friends but that would probably trigger a lot of anxiety for Bernd, there are many ways for Bernd to get his vendetta but most of the time he does nothing and let people feed on him suffering.

davidtoltesy Avatar

It's weird she brings home guys to fuck

jacobbennett Avatar


I can fuck your sister?

iamglimy Avatar


I can fuck your sister?