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seanwashington Avatar

I am on a mission. I need to marry my waifu Jessica Clements. She is a model living in New York City,´pic 1-3. She is engaged to a male model Chad, pic 4. I need to steal her from him.

My current stats:
>30 years old.
>friendless virgin.
>half Thai manlet.
>Never had a job.
>Live on social security.

How do I complete this mission?

mat_stevens Avatar

Of course I need to improve myself, how?

_vojto Avatar

As I said, she is engaged, so I do not have much time.

joshuapekera Avatar

How much can you transcend existence and become better than all beings?

buleswapnil Avatar

Muh waifu...

creartinc Avatar

>>half Thai manlet.
you have to go back

areus Avatar


Well, I don't know. How?

commoncentssss Avatar


Go back where? I do not speak Thai or know the culture. Besides, I hate Thailand. It reminds me of my whore mother.

damenleeturks Avatar

Only you can find out. The path is surely made of physical, intellectual and spiritual stuff. You'll also need magic TBH.

jonesdigidesign Avatar

Can I fuck your whore mother?

alagoon Avatar

stop making threads about women

herrhaase Avatar

You need money, lots and lots and lots of money.

send bitcoin to this address and i will tell you how: 16XdcAWKNC7f8cLruZXqnUDEfonv4WhPAg

robergd Avatar

I think the most realistic path is kidnapping her. Maybe she has some work in Sweden, being a model and all, where you can capture her and run off into the woods.

As for marriage, you probably can find some drunk priest or something.

emileboudeling Avatar

>Go back where?
To Asia
Say you're half Swedish or whatever, see the girls jumping at your cock.
People say that race mixing isn't an issue but the reality is that too big of a race difference is a big burden on children.
I advise against racemixing every time because of this.

You could try and find a half-thai gf though

_zm Avatar

what do you see in her? she looks so generic. she's not even a cute asian girl.

Bernd Avatar

The best way to win a woman's heart is to make her laugh. So show her your penis.

buddhasource Avatar

Tell a nigger to teach you black magic and then use for your own purposes

michigangraham Avatar

>half Thai manlet.

And the worst attwhore of our time.

zacsnider Avatar

OP I just watched a bit of her Youtube channel and she seems like quite the shallow whore. No surprise as a model, yet it's still not very appealing.

craigelimeliah Avatar

If you kill the infidels you'll get her and 71 other virgins.

Note to ASIO: This post is a work of satire. I don't condone any violent extremism.

aadesh Avatar

Join the jihad, European Caliphate will provide waifus for everyone.

But if you cant have proper beard, you will be considered as one of those waifus.

jodytaggart Avatar

Op, why not learn a musical instrument, do some technician degree course and live a simple life far away from Malmo or any other chaotic city?
You have so many chances in Sweden... all you can do is overcome your laziness and start do something.

Good luck, lad.

sawalazar Avatar

1. Get rich
When you are rich I will tell you what to do next

robergd Avatar

>No surprise as a model

ACTUALLY since good looks correlate with intelligence there are quite a few models who are also smart and down to earth.

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