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/int/ 42105603: Does this man look Norwegian? His father's peopl...

anaami Avatar

Does this man look Norwegian?

His father's people are from Bergen and his mother's people are from Telemark.

Isn't this a strange look for a Norwegian? The Norwegians I have met did not look like this.

atariboy Avatar

looks a bit finn

arashmanteghi Avatar

S*mi blood

sreejithexp Avatar

He looks a bit too manly for a Scandinavian, who are usually girly wimps, but still he looks Nordic.

wtrsld Avatar

He looks a bit strange, but he wouldn't be considered non-Norwegian. People from Telemark looks a bit strange. And people from Bergen are usually ugly mongrels from having mixed heritage with Brits, Germans and other monstrosities.

yesmeck Avatar

I knew somebody like this, almost exactly but with curly hair, he was basically a European mutt.

ninjad3m0 Avatar

Norwegians usually have that botox face thing going on.

bighanddesign Avatar

Eww. So disgusting. Who is this nigger subhuman?

jasontdsn Avatar

He looks Scandinavian, the only reason he looks different is because he plays in the NFL therefore on roids and that can make you look different