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melvindidit Avatar

Hollywood, Establishment media, and establishment politicans are on their way out.

Now Facebook is in decline. What's left for the braindead 92-IQ normies? They're bread and circus is collapsing before their eyes.

Every person I talk to tells me they hate having a Facebook or they have already deleted their account. Zuckerberg has recently revealed himself to be a completley autistic weirdo and the only people who use Facebook are autistic middle aged women and mentally ill progressives who write out novel-length political rants about "NAZI TRUMP SUPPORTERS" every few days.

Are we breaking the conditioning? Have you added to the collapse of the normiesphere by deleting your Failbook?

vicivadeline Avatar

facebook reached critical mass and it's not going anywhere until every like button out there (which still lets facebook create a profile around your browsing habits) is removed from premises

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Fuck off proxyfaggot.

horaciobella Avatar

>deleting your Failbook
Never had one tbh.

Also delet'd my VK more than 10 years ago, as well as other exhibitionist sites like

coreyhaggard Avatar

Don't you have other ways of showing that you're a contrarian in Israel?

guischmitt Avatar

>"Hey Bernd, check out these conversations on facebook."
>"Huh? This is just meaningless nonsense. They are arguing over nothing."
>"Haha yeah. Anyway, we made you a facebook account so you can partake."

True story.

i_ganin Avatar

t. never had account on any social network other than a few empty "John Doe" accounts on FB purely to confirm accounts on other websites.

freddetastic Avatar

Facebook might not be as relevant as it was a couple years ago when every kein really discovered the internet but it's still going strong and probably will in the future, unless it shares the same fate as MySpace and gets replaced by a better alternative. All the keins already started using WhatsApp and instagram instead.

sementiy Avatar

whatsapp and instagram are both owned by facebook

karlkanall Avatar

Well, in my defence it all was new, unknown and exciting back then. Also nowhere near as cancerous as it is today. It became boring really fast though.

Additional information: I still keep and use the gmail account i got when gmail was invite only.

Feels old mang.