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/int/ 42888912: My poems

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Loneliness is my only friend
I'm so depressed, I wrote this text
just to think of something else than my own despair
can't say it's working well though..
it's probably fair for me to mind my own business
but the world is strange, whoever own this place
should sort this mess before the stock exchange short circuit
So, in case God exists, tell him to go to fucking hell
so he can come visit.

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hampusmalmberg Avatar

At least you tried.

Shriiiiimp Avatar

J'écris dans la pénombre
des textes exquis dans lesquels
j'exprime mon aversion
envers les types qui ont la gestion
de cette déchetterie qu'on appelle monde.

Je suis schizophrène
Moi c'est qui m'obsède c'est les rimes grotesques
qui se connectent entre elles pour faire des petit bouts de texte

Je suis pris en étau
dans une vie qui me brise lentement les os
je réprimande les autres pourtant je suis celui qui s'est mis tout seul dans cette chose
au détriment de mes proches.

areus Avatar

By the grace of god
This game I'm playing so bad-
ly is not a waste of time
and loneliness is not a sad thing
to a patient mind.
So i'll keep on grinding
and pray for my
people down here

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tried what?

ninjad3m0 Avatar

>cette déchetterie qu'on appelle monde
>Je suis schizophrène
Wow, edgy.
Otherwise it at least rhymes and has a rhythm.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

I'm really schizophrenic though.
under treatment but still I am

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nice rapping, you should put a beat behind it

solid_color Avatar

Ook, you're absolved of this one.

mrzero158 Avatar

Might as well give this a try
Since I can't sleep and tears are nigh
Doesn't seem to change a thing
Soon again the birds will sing

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I'm 100% sure you are not even lonely, but some edgy """depressed""" cunt
While the only humans I see is my parents - I see them once a week for 30 mins, never had friends or of course gf and I never felt loneliness in my life

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Slav-ass niggers aren't human though.

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man I wish I had a good friend beatmaker

nice one buddy

Listen kid
I'm just a piece of shit and
the reason being is that
I must've pissed off Jesus
with my bigotry and misogynism

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michel houellebecq tier poetry

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I'm just giving my opinions
believe me i'm no genius
just a fucking prick
who's talking shit on the comment section
of a lot a videos