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/int/ 42888920: I've heard that Ukrainians don't like Turks bec...

ajaxy_ru Avatar

I've heard that Ukrainians don't like Turks because Turks often vacation on the Ukraine. Is this true?

pakhandrin Avatar

Nobody likes Turks.

_zm Avatar

Unlikely. There's nothing to do on Ukraine, it's mostly slavs who go on vacation in Turkey. Also >>42888931

sava2500 Avatar

It is true, they go for sex tourism to Odessa and act like creepers

justinrhee Avatar

Ukrainians like nobody, themselves included.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

I mean, I guess it makes sense. Hornyturks have always desired butifel fairskinned maids to defile

zacsnider Avatar

Is it true Ukrainians don't like Russians because of the Crimean Crisis?

davidbaldie Avatar

No, because we teased them onto the internet, also used the wrong prepositions.

Bernd Avatar

Kinda but easy to interact if you dont act like ttpical parody of them. Made a thread that includes my insights about them. Check catalog.