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/int/ 42907826: I want: burger But I: have no car to go to mcburgers...

mfacchinello Avatar

I want: burger

But I: have no car to go to mcburgershop

Result: anger

Options: go to chine... oh wait it's also too far away only fucking kebab is close fuck turks and their shitty shit kebab

Final soultion: nuke kebab

joki4 Avatar

>nuke kebab
Then you will starve. Not a very good plan.

artcalvin Avatar

take trolleybus to burgerstore, problems werent

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

In Bulgaria people will often call taxi companies and say "hey I want <McDolan's order> delivered to <this address>" and dispatcher will send cabbie to place your order and deliver your food to the doorstep of your commieblock.

Maybe Poland has sam'ES?

thomasgeisen Avatar


Nah, złotówy are too proud for that

>hurr I'm not a delivery boy

markolschesky Avatar

Just use carsharing, problems weren't

jpotts18 Avatar

I need a car for going to eat food outside

xspirits Avatar

Order a delivery.

tereshenkov Avatar


Just buy burgers and make your own. Then you will always have a supply and will never run out. You'll never need to get a kebab again.

polarity Avatar

No. It's not the same.

Also not the same.

ntfblog Avatar

Just steal your neighbours bicyle mate and cykle out, broblems werent.

mat_walker Avatar

must suck living in small city where nothing is open

grafxiq Avatar

I live in suburbs with some terrible scale. Kebab is 2km away from my house. McDonalds is 9km. Proper city starts 15km from my place.

I could take a bus but it's going to take too long. Also too cold.