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/int/ 42971064: How to set yourself a goal and work toward it ? Asking...

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How to set yourself a goal and work toward it ?
Asking for a friend

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Just don't.

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You've found the very best place for this question to be asked. nod really

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First you need to decide on a dream. This can be anything and doesn't have to be realistic.
Then you set yourself (achievable) goals that act as the step stones towards the achieval of this dream.
One goal should follow the next one and build up on it. Set them little enough so that you have constant moments of success.

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Just sell your house and buy bitcoins. Thank me later.

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For me the only solution was to get bored of everything else so much that even doing something productive was actually the most interesting choice. Today I was laying down on my flat again I've been really bored this whole day and wished I had done something

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Apparently it helps to write out in detail the benefits of pursuing the goal and the consequences of not achieving it.

Alternatively, just take speed.

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Interesting. May be I should write things down and think instead of posting on the KC...

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this is the sound that played in my head when i saw that pic

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Writing things down distracts you from the main issue which is to do things. It's best to either do things or seek expert help from specialists like Bernd.

But no matter what you do, never write anything down because that's directly away from doing the thing itself.

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For example, if you want to learn new skill to get better job and leave current shitty job.
Ask yourself from time to time: do you really want to stuck with your shitty job forever or you will put some effort and work for it?
Do you want to give all your life and future to this imageboard full of despicable self-pity?

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I want to read books about math and fuck expensive escort girls, play jazz piano and do olylifting.
I'm a simple man.

Now I know what I want.
Now I have a drive.
Thanks KC.

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I don't like those kind of stuff, sounds like a "guru" selling his stuff. But yeah, he's right.