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/int/ 43347015: I miss the times I was happier....

suribbles Avatar

I miss the times I was happier.

tmstrada Avatar

Who doesn't, right?

leelkennedy Avatar

I just wonder how it went so badly. It wasn't too long ago I was happier and healthier. Quite literally anything was better

kriegs Avatar

All things change, it will come back.

You were happy because you didn't care.

What about stop caring about everything right now?

Failing that, I think I'd be able to invite you in France and show you nice parts of the country. Regards.

marrimo Avatar

Come here and spend a few months to see true suffering..

salleedesign Avatar

It is also the people around me that have changed

shesgared Avatar

The Wonder Years ?

anjhero Avatar

They were destined to change.
Accept what they have become, they can still offer a lot now, and probably in the future too.

kennyadr Avatar

honestly, I was never happy. all my life I've been going through bouts of severe depression every 4 years where I almost kill myself.