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/int/ 43347485: Okay Bernd, serious kein business. About 1.5 weeks a...

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Okay Bernd, serious kein business.

About 1.5 weeks ago, I lost my virginity to a girl (female) at age 25. We met on tinder and went to two dates, and she invited me for """"a glass of wine""" at her place after the second one.
I've been with her for three times, the first one I tried to act cool, which failed miserably I couldn't get hard all but it resulted in both way oral sex and cuddling.
The second time, I was completely open to her and told her this was my first time. She was both surprised as hell and absolutely gentle, kisses and foreplay and what not, and I was relaxed enough for some mediocre penetration which was amazing and cuddling afterwards.
A couple of days later, she invited me back absolutely to my surprise, we watched some Netflix and went to bed, no sex, but she gave me a blowjob after some cuddling and jerked me off in the middle of the night as we both woke up.

Now, a few days later, I am completely confused and unable to cope with the situation. On one hand, I am aware that it's stupid and wrong to build up any affection to her, because I sure am way less important to her than she is to me, but fuck, it's the and my first time I experienced such things with another person and it's hard not to develop some kind of emotional bond.
My mind is constantly revolving around her, what does she feel about me? what do I feel for her? is this it?

Sure was easier for my heart as never ever.

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Fick sie was sie braucht

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why not build up attraction to her? seems she likes you a lot if she is inviting you on these dates. keep doing what you're doing seems like eventually she will become a gf.
i lost mine to some hookup too and i sperged out asking her for second date and never met again.

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You've got a point, but the fact that I have no other place to ask for advice should speak for itself.

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>Lost virginity at 25

There really is hope isn't there...

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was it worth the years of selfloathing because you didnt get laid 10 years earlier?

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Why spam kc with this shit.

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>lose virginity at 25

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Yes. Yes there is.
And, all memes aside, I just was myself.

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Yesterday at work, I realized all of a sudden that I will remember her for the rest of my life, which was both beautiful and frightening at the same time.

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rofling on the floor tbqh rn fam lmfao

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>My mind is constantly revolving around her, what does she feel about me? what do I feel for her? is this it?

Don't start obsessing about her. Becoming a clingy bitch makes you look pathetic and probably will make her lose interest.

And hey, she invited you over, so she's interested. Keep on it, but subtly.

And also: You did it once, you can do it again!
Grow confidence, stay on tinder, try to pull some more bitches

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not if you aquire alzheimer

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How would you rate her?

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Very feminine hourglass shape, a little belly but not chubby, small, surprisingly firm torpedo tits and a very cute face. And she kisses like a tiger.

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6.5 seems like a low rating for someone with a cute face, small hourglass figure with good tits. Why isn't she rated higher?

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You know, imageboard standards. 💁

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I lost my virginity back in may also thanks to tinder
about a month later it kicked in that what I experienced was not love, it was base and fueled by the desperation of both parties

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Thanks for reminding me again to never engage in casual sex degeneracy

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What standards do imageboards go by? I don't understand

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she likes you message her back dickhead

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My first time, i got hard as fuck, and wetted up my gf - epic style,lole.

Also haha loser kein, leave and get some dicky pump and viagra, freak grampa :D!

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Stop worrying before you ruin it.

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just stick to this guys advice. also please try to pull other dates on tinder. you ARE falling in love with her right now. don't fuck it up by starting to talk about your feelings or some shit and don't be clingy.

also take her out to do something you like don't keep doing netflix and chill only if you end up not having sex

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It is just your mind playing tricks on you. I had the same feels when I first had sex at 16. Realize it is not special first of all, try to bang another chick ASAP so you get your heda normalized.

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If you can't get hard and cum in her on command, she will move on. Whores don't view you as people but as cum producing machines.

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>also take her out to do something you like don't keep doing netflix and chill
what else is there to do
I just sit behind my pc all day
t. not OP

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I was thinking the same thing.

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Did she have a funny-looking pussy?
If she did, don't gf her, she's bonkers.

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I was thinking about trying tinder as well
But dates are always awkward

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Congratulations on your 8/10 looks, now go away

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she seems nice, you are lucky.
be nice to her too then.

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>opening yourself up for intimacy and entrusting the vagoo-demons with your soul and heart
you will all turn into broken birds
t. wizardo level 32