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/int/ 43430423: >White, male Bernd still thinks he can get a job as ...

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>White, male Bernd still thinks he can get a job as a codemonkey in the current year

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stop that meme

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>chicano studies
lost my shit lel
is this real on the americas?

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Me on the right

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My parents don't believe me when I tell them that society hates white males, even though they're conservative. I tell them that most young women are into black/liberal culture and hate white men, and the next day they forget it all and tell me to get a gf. It's absolutely insane.

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You can major in anything for only $120.000,99% per year.

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stop whining you idiot. They are right.

It is your weakness and laziness not some mumbojumbo.

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Actually yeah. In general, when you're unsure about whether or not 'X studies' is a real thing, it is

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You live in an ethnostate, I would kill to have your conditions. Multiracialism alters the mental state of the females very much, so basically every young woman is brainwashed into hating white men. Completely normal girls I knew in high school are on the internet casually sharing stuff thats radically anti-whitemale.

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>The major push for universities and colleges to include Chicano studies came within the context of the African-American civil rights struggle.[6][7] During this period, Mexican American educators demanded that colleges and universities address the pedagogical needs of Mexican American students.[6] This was especially important because Mexican American student populations grew significantly in the 1960s.[8] In addition, many young people and students were becoming very politically aware and organized.[8] A very prominent student organization that grew out of the civil rights movements of the '60s was the Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO), which began to work towards educational reform.

I laughed IRL

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Most of this shit is very real at this point.

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/pol/ please stop

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When did university in the US turn from an attempt to research and teach about the world to a place of ideological indoctrination?

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When the Jews took over.