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/int/ 43431755: First Jewish president of Russia?

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Currently the biggest opposition figure in Russia with even bigger support than Navalny is Pavel Grudinin. The guy just published his political program.

In sum: he wants to make a sovchoz out of Russia again by coming back to bolshevist ideals : nationalize everything, because according to him private property in Russia belongs only to oligarchs and thieves, he also wants to rise minimal salary in Russia from 6.000 to 30.000 rubles and come back to 8 hours work day, because he is fascinated by Nicolás Maduro. He wants Russia to become a champion in production of electronics and other high-tech stuff and replace selling oil with it. He wants to rise a level of industry in Russian economics from 15 to 80%. He wants to make a cultural capital of the world out of Russia by investing a lot of money into liberaries and cultural centers. Instead of investing money into American debt documents, he wants to invest it in Russian minds. He also wants to rise pensions x3, guarantee all public services for free to Russians, like kindergartens or hospitals. He also plans to build millions of new flats for Russians, so finally Russian people wouldn't have to wait for death of parents and grandparents to take over flats.

The main source of money for his political program is - according to him - a monopolisation of production of ethanol by Russian state. He says that if Russian state destroys private companies producing vodka in Russia and takes them over, then Russian state will have enough money to make his program come true.

He is also of Jewish origin from his mother's side, but he considers himself as a Russian.

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oh so the communists were not jews?

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> even bigger support than Navalny
Literally who

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Looks like another fake oppositioner after Ziuganov and Zhirinovskiy to persuade Russians that there is no serious alternative to Putin's rules.

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they will let Kadyrov be pm before jew

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>nationalize everything, because according to him private property in Russia belongs only to oligarchs and thieves
That sounds nice.
No actually, balts had more overrepresentation than jews in the bolshevik party. Was it then a baltic ploy?

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Well, it could work.. If it doesn't work, Russians will be busy with eating each other again, so they won't have time for their militarized revisionism at least.

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Your fucking garbage of a thread belongs to the shithole where you came from

fuck off and die already.

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What is your problem?

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Nah id rather see Kadyrov as a president

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haplarını al çingene sıçmığı

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He's high on something.

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> even bigger support than Navalny

its dont

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yada yada, what about important stuff?
Like A-R-M-Y and S-P-A-C-E

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Even my vatnik father is pro-grudinin

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Still better than Putin...

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And he can't do shit for him except voting. If something happens with Grudinin he will be silent and will vote for Putin. Navalny has called about 25k people to an illegal rally, however Grudinin is a silent mouse who will became a silent ass-kissing mouse after losing.

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There is only one sentence about army in his program. He says that Russia should keep technological level of its weapon on higher level and that prestige of army should be improved as well as law-enforcment.

Nothing about space, unfortunately.

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