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Has any Ameriball here ever been arrested by the police ?
Do you fear for your life even if you're white
What's it like ?

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Those who were probably didn't survive, hence can't post anymore.

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That makes sense
Or maybe they don't dare leave their home
What a bunch of poofters

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Are Americops intentionally this hilarious or is it just a side effect of playing too much cowadoody?

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3rd webm, did the guy actually withdraw a weapon ?
I can't see shit

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>a side effect of playing too much cowadoody

A lot of them lived cowadoody in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Aren't these ones actually trained to follow their RoE rather than just magdump random people?

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ook merci
Stay safe, my man.

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lol american cops are not really bound by any rules. they can literally get away with any crime and still be regarded as "heroes"

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Won't any of you answer me ?

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I can understand it's dangerous being a cop in the USA but it seems like they like to shoot people even though the situation is more or less under control. Usually they are extremely hysterical

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>3rd webm
Double tap wasn't good enough?

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I've never been arrested or had a negative interaction with the police besides getting yelled at by a state trooper for passing him on the highway sry

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My experience with police has almost always been positive, except for one instance with an Asian police officer.

1st policings: Me and some friends were in a state park shooting rifles at watermelons and shit on a hill. Down the road there was an old guy who was shooting his handgun and we asked if it's alright to do some shooting in our spot, he said okay and we proceeded to shoot.

About 30 minutes later a couple police SUVs pulled up and we got worried, since we were shooting ARs, AKs and such. However, the cops just walked up casually and were interested in checking out our guns, poked fun at us for having ARs/AKs and then told us to find a spot farther away from people and roads, then left.

2nd policings: I was driving and was pulled over by an Asian cop. He was very aggressive and saying things like "Do you know how fast you were going?" "Just because you have a loud car doesn't mean you can just race down the street!" etc and I wasn't breaking any speed limits or anything so I still have no idea why he pulled me over. He then started asking all sorts of questions like what I was doing in the state because my license plate is from a different state. In the end though, he left without giving me a ticket and told me to "cool it".

3rd policings: I went to court because of a ticket I got. At the front of the courthouse there are metal detectors but the cops manning them wanted to waive me through because I wore a suit and they thought I was a lawyer, but I told them the truth and took off my shoes and was anally probed like a good citizen. Interesting fact, all black and minority people pleaded "Guilty" and all whites pleaded "No Contest".

i'm sorry I don't have a proper arrest story.

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I ran away from police men and they chased and tockled me down and called me a pussy. They sprained my wrist and implied with speech that I would have been beaten severely had it been night. During the chase a lesbian rugby player tried to knock me down. When I was in jail elevator alpha cop said he would rape me because I talked to another prisoner. I was having a bad day shoplifting and they charged me with felony car break in, literally begged some lady witness to ID me. The fingerprint cop inspected my butthole and had a gentle touch. I plead guilty to shoplifting for to release the felony and got 10 days stayed sentence. Also they gave me back the stuff I stole because the prosecuter asked me if the things in my bag were mine and of course I said they were.

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I was arrested for extortion back in the 80s.
No I did not.
Tedious and boring.

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hi sorry. no ive never been arressted but ive had to do a field sobriety test which i passed. they took at least an hour for the DUI "expert" to arrive and she did the same exact tests the first cop did. Passed flawlessly both times. they wrote me a ticket less than 1/3 mile from my home.

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Such is live for a suduca

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I was also once in a race on the highway with cops. It was 3am and I was speeding about 80mph and these highway patrol guys pulled up next to me and gestured that they wanted to race. So we sped down the highway at like 110mph and they kept going and sped off and I headed home.
Sounds rough, he really threatened to rape you? That's fugged.

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>all black and minority people pleaded "Guilty" and all whites pleaded "No Contest".

why even show up to traffic court for this

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The nice judge and prosecutor reduced my fine by 150$! The prosecutor even thanked me for wearing a suit to court, most others were super bydlo looking.

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When I was arrested the faggot groped my dick for like 10 seconds when searching me.

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>So we sped down the highway at like 110mph and they kept going and sped off

average on the left lane on german autobahn, 100-120mph nearly always the new(er) audi, bmw, vw and mercedes

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How can you be afraid of lanky faggot like that, holy shit

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did you like it?

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I know but in America we have terrible speed limits so it was quite exciting. Jealous of your autobahn tbh.

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Supposedly this idiot tried to grab his gun but got the flashlight instead. Whoops :DDD

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>shoots 6 times
>dont move

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Damn what interesting stories.
I have literally never been even looked at by cops.
Seeing all of those videos make me feel I'd be unsafe going to the US

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why do these low IQ faggots handcuff him when they just blasted his brains out and its obvious hes dead?

I can't believe these people make 60k+ a year

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You seem to be operating under the assumption that they decide how they react to shit
Their training says that they have to handcuff them no matter what and thus they do so. If they don't deviate from their training, they basically can't get convicted.

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>they gotta handcuff dem corpses nigga

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been to Paris a week ago - got my backpack checked 2 times by some 'security' guys who were with the police.

also, still lots of soldiers in the streets

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Regardless of your (and their) opinion on it, they're doing as they were told to do.

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I imagine being a cop in America must be pretty fun. Beating collage kids by day, gunning down Negroes at night and free donuts.

I'd get corrupt and start administering frontier justice when I can, the parking tickets disappear if they can help me with a little problem on my zipper )))))

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You were charged with a felony after an minutes

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I think American police are unjustly accused of acting out of the ordinary when it comes to police in general. Police across the world are, in general, pigs. Any sort of person who thinks a worthwhile career choice is joining basically the government's private army is inside an evil minded little shit.

Every single dealing I've had with police has been terrible, the reason I'm not dead though is because thankfully in the UK we've treated standing forces like police as scum and have not given them any sort of lethal weapon. It's difficult for people to appreciate nowadays now that we treat police and soldiers as "heroes", but until recently the police and the army were treated with disdain and slight discomfort.

My sister has had a worse experience with the police. She has schizophrenia, and unfortunately had a bad episode one time at University. Idiots at the student accommodation called the cops, and they beat the shit out of her. Of course they claimed that she did it herself by "resisting", but it's absolute bullshit. Was settled out of court because they were terrified of it getting to the national press and my sister was just too daunted and scared of taking it further.

They're scum, and the only reason why they're not acting like American police is because we keep the - thankfully - disarmed.

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I've never met an aggressive European police officer. German, Estonian, Finnish - all have been polite and well behaved while writing me tickets for speeding, not wearing a seat belt, etc. Never been to the UK though.

My only encounter with an American cop, in California, started with him aggressively shouting at me. My mistake was asking him for directions.

So I guess it's good your police don't carry arms.

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My car broke down in the middle of nowhere one winter night. No heat or anything. A sheriff came by and called me a tow truck and let me warm up in back of his car u til the tow arrived.

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I forgotten to mention, I had a quarter ounce of weed in my trunk.

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>Has any Ameriball here ever been arrested by the police ?
>Do you fear for your life even if you're white
But I was afraid of the judge.