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I wish I lived in California, but instead I have to suffer in the Midwest.

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I thought the USA had a culture of moving to other states and change life.

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Hopefully someday, but now and for the foreseeable future I am too poor

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but californians are annoying

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i suffer on the new york

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That is too expensive these days.

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I guess California should be full of poor poeple.

Move to some peripheral neighborhood of LA, buy a shitty car and live the Californian dream!

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An 8.6 is going to hit anytime. You don't want to be there

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The big one is coming any day now!

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Any day now!
Any minute...

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Move to Colorado.

At first I thought Colorado was a red necky fly over red state with nothing much in it.

Then I went to Denver, Colorado and realized it's actually where Cali's hipster liberal white people move to get away from Cali taxes, minorities, to raise their children, or to open up hipster microroasteries/microbreweries/microdineries/microburgeries/etc.

Coors is big there, nature is pretty good if you like open skies&planes or if you like mountains, people are actually pretty liberal, educated, and polite, the place itself is pretty nice too, and there is a decent amount of stuff to do. City iself is pretty cozy. Still a bit of a fly over state, but much it's much nicer than I expected.

I went during spring so I don't know how cold/hot it gets, but weather seemed ok.

t. Cali

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>Coors is big there
I meant to say

>Coors is big there so beer culture is big there too and thus the microbrewies and beer bars are plentiful. I personally prefer wine, but also like beer.

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Why do Americans constantly whine about not living in another state in their own damn country? Just live frugally, save up some money, and move.

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It's well known that Colorado is flooded with Californians.

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How anyone can live in a faggot state that bans and is offended by everything is beyond me.

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I wish I had a good job and a wife that loves me.

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Are you a cowboy?

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Maybe in reality America has from the tip of Vermont to southern-California more in common with each other than differences? You like to pretend like everything is a day and night difference but I bet you can live in any state and most things are exactly the same (except for geography of course)

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both of those??
in this economy??

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So is Portland. I also like that place.

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whiners like you are why people dont like ameri

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They're like Mexicans, and they export their politics everywhere.

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It's wrong to assume that, but there are more things similar than different. Texan posters on /int/ are just butt hurt for some reason.

But I'll say that America is very very big and there are significant and notable differences if you go far enough. Dialects, populations, foods, weather, people, etc.

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God no, the last thing they need is more gungrabhing hipster tards.

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To be honest the states around California seem like the best places to live in. PNW, Colorado, even AZ, Utah and NM seem okay.

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even florida is better than california

t. Florida man

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Arizona is one of the best states to live in if you like outdoorsy pursuits.

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West coast does have nice places to live (usually living near water is the privilege of the rich), but it isn't always the case like >>43446776 says.

AZ is pretty trashy with nothing in it. Colorado is way better. NM, I haven't been so I can't comment.

As for the West coast: Cali is more taxes/welfare/population. Portland is Cali with less taxes and nicer things in general but less activities because less people. Seattle is a inbetween of SF and Portland and is close to Vancouver. Vancouver is if you prefer living around Asians, really want irregular GF, or really hate USA.

Texas is pretty good too if you like low taxes, big things, and alcoholism with your sports. Northeast is pretty nice and so is parts of Florida (nicer version of AZ).

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But Colorado has no beaches.

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Tell me about Minneapolis, you seem to know stuff

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Not him but Minneapolis is a crypto-Somalian colony by this point.

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My brother lives in California, I suffer in the Southeast.

But he's trying to move. He has an engineering PhD from Berkeley but CA's still too expensive for him.

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>He has an engineering PhD from Berkeley but CA's still too expensive for him.
Maybe if he needs to live like an oligarch

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even 1 bedroom apartment/1 room studio is the same price as a large house in other states

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a 1 bedroom apartment/crackshack is $900+/mo here, and this is in a 15k pop town 3 hours from the nearest city with absolutely no jobs besides walmart and growing weed

welcome to california

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i'm thinking about moving to the midwest from california. born and raised. shit is fucking awful bro.

my coworker who got mislead into living here burnt his life savings and now is into debt.

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north california: weed and guns
south california: weed and gays

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The 1 bedroom house across the street from me rents for $650. I'm 45 minutes from the nearest city, and Los Angeles itself is 1.5 hours away.

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Describe sufferings plox

* Weather heatenings/rainenings?
* Food shortagenings?
* Angry mom cultenings?
* Cardboard housing penetratenigs?
*Sweatenings in general?
* Foodstampenings?


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Dreamsideout channel.
Watch all 35 videos and go live in da V8 CHEVY SAVANNAH UHAUL STEALTH CAMPER TRUCK

Aside from "Denver is cool", I can say: WEED LMAO THING WENT SOUTH PARK

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shoulda moved to this romantic town 1 hour east of LA where henry poole was filmed

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Cali is shit, SHIT!

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That film is really underrated it is one of my favorites :3

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it made $1,879,368 box office worldwide

and probably cost 3 times that to make

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>* Weather heatenings/rainenings?
We had a heat wave this December. This week is going to be 26C. Our winter. Temperatures inland are unbearable without running up the electric bill. At least 4-6 weeks a year, sometimes continuous, otherwise spaced out where it's over 40C

>* Food shortagenings?
Frozen Chicken $1.3/lb
Whole Chicken $1.8-2/lb
Pork $3-5/lb
Beef $6-10/lb

Food shortages is not a problem. This is the breadbasket of the nation. We have continuous fresh fruit throughout the year, and many cases it's way more affordable than rest of the country.

>* Cardboard housing penetratenigs?
Will burn up for those near wildlife or those who in the path of Santa Ana winds. Earthquakes a possibility, but the most threatened structures would be grandfathered in apartments which have car parking beneath them.

Major issues:

I'm 30 minutes east of Los Angeles, and an apartment room is going for $1100/mo

The average home costs about 4-500,000 USD.

I don't even bother with the major highways because they're absolutely flooded with cars. A realistic commute would be 45 minutes to an hour. I work 8km away and it takes me 20 minutes to get there and back.

The entire city is under going Mexicanization. So you have the worst characteristics of that culture being inherited. That would include the machismo anger which spills into violent crime, road rage, the absolute shitting of the public education system, the completely inept and corrupt government, and massive white flight as a result. I am not a Mexican, but I am the only not Mexican in my neighborhood block. You don't know that realization when you will never interact with a white person for the rest of this life time is soul-crushing. I have cops visit my neighbors every week. In other instances, my coworker tells me (my coworker is Mexican himself), that his neighbor has pulled a gun on him.

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LA is becoming Mexico and Mexico is a piece of S#!T

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california doesn't have a north/south distinction like this. it's an inland vs coastal thing

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it does, there's an enormous difference between california north of sonoma-mendocino line and california south of it
it's a bit blurrier in the east because central valley and sierras both have their own settis, but the western half is completely different shit along that line

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you end up with bullshit like this because californian politics is a lot more complicated than a simple north and south. people usually just mean the difference between SF and LA when they say that