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/int/ 43458942: What is actually happening in Sweden?

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Is it as bad as people say- with 'no-go' areas and rampant crime/immigrants?

Or is that just pol-like imageboards desperately trying to shit on a highly regarded 'social democracy'?

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It's true, but you will not just get kille 100% of the time. It's like ghettos in the US basically.

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It's like London I believe

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Compared to something like United States Sweden is still very good place to live, but comparing it to Sweden that once was things are pretty bad.

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so absolutely fine then and it's only people who have never visited who think it's bad?

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there aren't grenade attacks every week in london

london is bad but it's not sweden tier.

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Do you really believe polshit?

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it's not muslims :^)

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At least it's not RPGs like with American culture.

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Posting from a "no-go" zone right now tbh. Someone want an IWO tomorrow? The apartments here are better than 90% of eastern europe.

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i've only really been to northern sweden which is the most boring place on earth

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A swedish guy once gave me a link for a swedish site with option in english which debunked everything people say about Sweden.
Pity i didn't save the url, because it was a really perfectly done and informative site.

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Compared to USA it's very safe.

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pretty much this.

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He's not really wrong. It's got some decent nature, but it also gets old eventually. Other than just alcoholism and run down everything (compared to the rest).

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Its mostly bullshit written by americans , russians and 3rd world shitholers from eastern europe and south america who would give their left testicle to immigrate there.

Proofs?Look at any measurement of living quality and Sweden is at the top.

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I bet you can easily live as good in a US middle-class area as in a Swedish middle-class area.

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lol no
the murder rate in some zones are higher then in turd world shitholes
size up the hand grenade attacks per capita with a country like the US and you got a thousand

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yeah, well, I guess anything gets old with time. I mean compared to Denmark it's basically paradise for outdoorsy stuff.

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At least they don't throw acid in your face in Sweden yet.

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The reason why its particularly people from these countries are because Russia and the US are currently trying to break up the EU.
So they are bombarded by propaganda saying such.
I know for a fact that a lot of Americans and Russians really do believe sweden is going down in flames because of muslims.
Meanwhile in Russia muslims make 30% of the biggest cities and 15-20% of the population.Appearantly its ok when muslims live in Russia.

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>Everything is alright dude! The grenade attacks for example are made up by nazis!

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It’s probably more about how Sweden was once the envy of the world while it’s now yet another western-European country

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shitholes in darkest east london =! all of london

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>the murder rate in some zones
While Sweden on a total average has a significantly lower than Finland...

Hand grenades are a problem here, sure, but we have the Yugoslavian clusterfuck to thank for the cheap massive supply of those.

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isn't this due to the re-definition of some crimes?

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"The tissue around the cancer cells are perfectly healthy"

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Yes please, that would be educational. I've been to a no-go zone in Getoborg and I felt more secure than in most parts of Warsaw tbh

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Everyone talks about LGBT+ Sharia law taking over but nobody ever mentions the outrageous prices and alcohol monopoly.

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And USA doesn't have high murder rates in some areas? Sweden has a long way to go before it starts to have areas like this .

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Why should they? It’s their own choice how to run things. They also have high incomes

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I wonder what happen there if knew about you being that attentionwhoring faggot with woman room on kc

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I see where you're going with this, but as a white nationalist I'd still rather see enclaves and ghettos than a full integrated race mixed society.

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Also Britain has highest alcohol and cigarette prices after (or on case of cigarettes above) Scandinavia

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how could a re-definition which would almost certain happen instantly between two years cause a constant increase over several decades?

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Mafia in Italy used to be way worse and Italy didn't go up in flames because of Mafia. Yugo mafia mostly kill other criminals and don't target random people.

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He's an idiot, don't mind him.

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Fake news

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There is areas in sweden that dont have mail delivery anymore because "safety reasons"

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Is it true that they sissify boys in Sweden? I've heard it a lot from different sources. According to those rumors they basically destroy all the masculinity in them as if it's some kind of illness.

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You are a full-blown schizo.

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BASED Yugo criminals!

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does anyone remember when that Trumptard 'journalist' went to Malmo and wore a stab vest the whole time? While swedish people walked around him on their daily commute/shopping wondering what on earth he was doing?

I think it was the most 'american' thing I've seen for a looooong time

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Truth is, Sweden still has top 10 tier quality of life and very low crime rate. Sweden will be fine, while Russia will remain a poverty driven shithole forever. Deal with it.

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yes its called genuspedagog they work kindergarten their only purpose is to turn the males into gay sissies

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It does seem a bit weird that the REPORTED rape rates only significantly rose between 2004-2011, then didn't really go up since.

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It was constantly rising since '78

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show me proofs

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how does it look for germany I wonder?

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You mistaken me for someone else, Fritz

mfacchinello Avatar

This is the future and it's beautiful

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Here are some of the videos:

tl;dw There are porblems but in the grander scheme of things it is not so bad, it's nowhere near as bad as in America. Also Malmö isn't so bad, but therefore Stockhom is pretty bad.

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They have constant grenade attacks. I mean come on.

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Someone hand washed my car in a so called no-go area. So dangerous... wow...

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Sweden is fine. If anything they need more refugees to help with their low birth rate and flagging economy.

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isn't it strange how countries that have a lot of media reporting in English are so much worse than other countries?

It's almost like bad news is more likely to be read if it's in English.

imagine the shit that goes on in countries where you can't easily read their media

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Time to stop being racist, embrace your future
Import more Africans now, they need your help

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Why don't you go into Google maps and drop down in a no-go zone and have a look?

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The swedish no go zones comes from a police report, where the police say criminal gangs control the street.
They also made a second report where the areas had grown to 200
But media say it dosent exist

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From what I've heard, you should only visit certain places in the morning - gangsters on the dole like to sleep until midday, so it only gets unsafe in the afternoon.

If it's anything like Germany, yes, the rumors are correct.

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I tried this but accidentally clicked Johannesburg instead. Guess Johannesburg is perfectly safe and there's no need to be at all cautious.

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Well yesterday in Uppsala and Helsingborg there were shootings again.
I mean it would be nothing special in USA but compared to Finland or Norway it is off.

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I started reading the third book of the 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' series but found it was packed with so much cultural marxism that I couldn't keep reading it.


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if google cars can go to a 'no-go' area they don't exist

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If it’s anything like here they just have neighborhoods where very frequently bad stuff happens. There still is public order though as most crime is criminal on criminal.

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Watch the videos you dumb Poleling.

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>there aren't grenade attacks every week in london

There are acid attacks every week though

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Not really. Women learned to stay inside. We have sames in Germany since NYE 2015.
Of cours it looks good in the statistics - "No rapes, no crime". But you have to keep in mind that after dark on NYE, the only people who go outside are muslim gangs and cops.

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google actively censored all the street dealers from sweden, there is a huge archived thread on flashback about that

I even got some pics where the google car gets attacked by niggers

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well, the no-go area exists as described by swede police. but google cars being able to drive through must mean it's perfectly safe for swede police to enter commieblocks and arrest people.

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if you live in an amurrican lower class area you live literally in the 3rd world while lower class areas in sweden and in europe in general are still "middle class" standard in any other part of the world. i think this is now true even for formerly backward eastern euro countries such as poland and the baltics.
that's why every asshole wants to immigrate here and that is the real difference between 1st world and turd world countries. the weakest link in the chain counts. we don't have favelas and hordes of homeless, because our social democrat welfare state takes care of that.

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>If it's anything like Germany, yes, the rumors are correct.
ahahah oh wow

Germany also has no go zones now or what?

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I always laugh when U.K. balls come to KC and tell us that "it is not as bad as in Sweden". FFS mate I have been to London and it is worse in every possible way I have ever imagined.

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Actually the author was antifa-tier and open marxist and a core person around a newspaper which sole purpose is to fight racism and the right in Sweden.

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>A vulnerable area is described as being geographically defined and having a low socieconomic status and criminals negatively affecting society. The three categories of vulnerable area are divided along level of severity: vulnerable area, risk area and especially vulnerable area.[7]
>These areas are sometimes called no-go zones as emergency services such as fire engines and ambulances cannot drive into these areas during a tense situation without a police escort as they will be attacked by criminal gangs.[3]
>The population in these areas have higher rates of unemployment, whereas about 67% of the general population has employment, the share in vulnerable areas is about 49%.[8]
>According to a 2017 report by Swedish Defence University , of those who have travelled from Sweden to conflict zones to participate in terrorist activities, 70% were residents in these areas.[9]

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once a week in a city of 9 million people is fuck all pal. this is classic scare tactics.

oskamaya Avatar

You cant even go to your nearest wallmart if you cant afford a car in the US,because public transportation is so shitty.

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

daily reminder that pic 1 is from a comedy youtube video.

also no-one in this thread seems to be saying sweden is better/worse than london apart from germans.

>muh victim complex

davidsasda Avatar

acid attacks are normal and perfectly fine. this is fine. nothing is wrong.

Bernd Avatar

The anglos are responsible for the brainwashing swedens into Black loving cuture.

jonesdigidesign Avatar

this is american tier shit

was this guy seriously a journalist?

canapud Avatar

you have Chechen women beheading russian kids in Moscow screaming Allahuakbar but Russians see that as normal.
two faced shill liars.

grantrobinson Avatar

What are the worst neighbourhoods in Sweden? Are they in Malmo? Stockholm?

breehype Avatar

This is the type of "news" that bernd talks about when they say "terrorist attacks in sweden everyday"

matt3224 Avatar

russian propaganda is ramping up in this threada

abdots Avatar

it's finland

kriegs Avatar

dunno about stockholm, but even africans avoid malmo

michaelkoper Avatar

Rosengård in Malmö, Rinkeby in Stockholm

smenov Avatar

but this is the truth.

Swedens themselves are the biggest cocksucker of anglos and since anglos decided to go full kc-tire mod the swedens start to follow the same path.

alv Avatar

>Rosengård has also been the place for several violent clashes between gangs[6] and between local youths and authorities.[7] Fire crews and ambulance personnel have also been threatened and attacked, as well as the police.
>In December 2008, riots occurred as youngsters confronted the police in which cars, wagons, kiosks, building sheds, recycling stations, and bicycle sheds were set ablaze. The background to the riots was the eviction of a local mosque. The riot was the most violent yet seen in a suburb in Sweden. The riot finally ended when police forces from Gothenburg and Stockholm were sent in.[8]

Are you sure it's a bad neighbourhood? Sounds like it's the typical part and parcel of a big city going on there, nothing unusual

antongenkin Avatar

pics related are the worst neighbourhood in sweden, rosengård in malmö

layerssss Avatar

>but Russians see that as normal.

They don't. Russia is fucked up by migration and muslims too. But it is fun that you using such level of whataboutism. If Russia go to civil war, will it make grenade attacks less numerous in Sweden?

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yassiryahya Avatar

just looks like normal areas of poor people/migrants/shitty housing.

pretty much the worst the 1st world has to offer, but people would prefer to live here than mansions in the 3rd world.

rahmeen Avatar

cherry picked shit
as i said google actively work with swedish government to censor views like this

areus Avatar

Pictures of Rosengård that I took for an IWO

joshclark17 Avatar

>censoring black people living in sweden
>censoring black people talking to someone in a car

you are seriously kcmodded if you look at that picture and can only see a carjacking.

clementc Avatar


Yea I heard he triggers Antifa scum like you rather substantially.


For you as well: Actually watch his rports from Sweden and don't parrot Antifa-propaganda.

tomgreever Avatar

If you switched out the Swedish text on the stores for German on the 2nd pic, I'd believe you if you told me it was Neukölln.

damenleeturks Avatar


zackeeler Avatar

oh the humanity...

id835559 Avatar

exactly. all this muslim hurr durr is kikes shilling. i'm not fond of muslims and 3rd worlders immigrating here in masses, but even after 2015 it's not nowhere as bad as kike shills on /int/ make it look all the time. what's really bad though is feminism and gender shit and it's much worse up in sweden than here in germany.

marciotoledo Avatar

It's not true

t. Swedish government and EU

It's true

t. Swedish people

subburam Avatar

Absolutely beautiful
Please import more beautiful muslims, I love them so much

joeymurdah Avatar

Its not whataboutism

Russians are one the most prominent posters who push this propaganda.
West is dying because muslims.West weak.Must exit EU and vote anti Eu parties.
Mean while Russia is the biggest Muslim nation in the west.Moscow is the biggest muslim city.
Yet no russian talks about Russia being on the verge of collapse.No Russian says we must vote against Putin.
If Europe is about to fall then Russia with its 15-20% muslims should be destroyed already.But Russians ofcourse never say this.
Because you are two faced lying shills.

vaughanmoffitt Avatar

Misgendering probably counts as a sex crime and rape these days.

tusharvikky Avatar

i did not cherry pick i just took what google gave me and your pictures don't look different from the ones i posted.

teylorfeliz Avatar

This is what Germany will look like in less than 5 years, and it's beautiful.

sawalazar Avatar

>Its not whataboutism

It is.

>West is dying because muslims

So, West becaming better because Muslims? Or it stays same? Looks like western posters aren't ok with both of these sentences.

>Yet no russian talks about Russia being on the verge of collapse.No Russian says we must vote against Putin.

Actually, they talk about this pretty much often, even on kc.

Also please put spaces after punctuation marks.

carloscrvntsg Avatar

Goggle actively remove bad pictures that would imply anything would be wrong with the diveristy melting pot, particularly drug dealers hanging in the street corners

sementiy Avatar

So just for clarification, your point is that we need more islam to somehow stick it to the Russians who have more muslims than we do and are trying to damage us by limiting our share of them.

bruno_mart Avatar

>Russians are two faced when talking about muslim population
>So west is better with muslims?You want muslims?Is this new Europe?kokokokoko
nice mind gymnastics
If Europe is about to fall because of muslims , then Russia with its 20% and growing muslim pop should have fallen long ago.
Since it didnt it means that this statement,constantly pushed by russian posters (and its vatniks abroad in germany/moldava/hungary) is a lie.
If vatniks keep on shilling this agenda despite it obviously being wrong one can only asume that they are shilling and lying on purpose.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

This is the infamous "drug roundabout"
For years this was a central hub for street dealing
Good luck finding a single photo of the dealers that was standing there 24/7

google censors

anhskohbo Avatar

link to google streetview pls

mr_arcadio Avatar

I was in Malmö last summer. It was kinda disappointing, no Breitbart-tier stuff happened.

sreejithexp Avatar

Ok, I'm going to let you people in on a swedish secret:

Go to
It is THE main swedish forum / internet community. The site got 1 million accounts and our population is ~10m.
Flashback is a very important part/function of swedish society.

Unfortunately swedish is generally enforced as the used language (I might be wrong though).
But I would recommend you to go there to ask questions and learn more about the situation in Sweden.

I wonder if there is any swedish anti-establishment media/website published in english. There's a few sites but they're in swedish.

vicivadeline Avatar

Why is it called Is it like a forum for rap victims? :-DD

syntetyc Avatar

there is no point since they removed everything
btw google just blocked me from image search for searching to many forbidden terms.

irsouza Avatar

Looks like former DDR

bassamology Avatar
true sweden
here is photos that are not cherry picked showing the decay

kosmar Avatar

Hmm, not quite sure... some theories:

1. They just took a random cool word.
2. The site has it's roots as a medium for discussing drugs and drug experinces, which leads to psychological phenomena such as flashbacks.

Any other oldfag that wants to demonstrate their knowledge?

rcass Avatar

Sweden has huge problems with crime at the moment. A lot of this has to do with that basically the police has surrendered. Police officers are quitting on mass because of the working conditions being so poor. Also the people with higher positions within the police are picked for ideological reasons. Last week when a 63 year old man died because he picked up a grenade in the middle of the street, and the police chief of stockholm went on national TV and literally begged the criminals to stop using grenades when killing each other. It was one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen.

The swedish welfare state has basically already collapsed and things will only get worse from here on. At the same time, extreme left wingers are in no way losing influence and their grip on Sweden is only getting stronger. Things are not looking good, but let's see what the election brings.

solid_color Avatar

I don't believe you

mizhgan Avatar

Man that sounds pretty extreme. Is true? Why bongo bongos use granades anyway?

syswarren Avatar

It refers to drug flashbacks. The site was originally founded as a drug liberal newspaper but these days it is a website for right wing political dissidents.

VinThomas Avatar

Or current East Germany.

jjshaw14 Avatar

They're cheaper than ice cream cones at Sweden because of war supply. They're sold at black market.

They're mainly being used by organized crime dudes, be it mohammad money washing scenes or local biker gangs.

motionthinks Avatar

Forgot to link this

chrisvanderkooi Avatar

they are actually balkan gangs

pdugan19 Avatar

Not true, they got stand down orders
Someone tells a gypsy to fuck off - cops spend 3 months tracking down the person and fining him for hate crime
Gypsy steal and is identified - cops has no resources to go and pick him up

Few hundred nazis demonstrate - 1300 cops assigned
-Muslims riots and burn a suburb a whole weekend - no resources

shesgared Avatar

>Is it like a forum for rap victims?

Yes, only people who had sick rap lines spit at them without consent post there:DDDD

_vojto Avatar

But organized crime in Sweden usually means Yugos.
>The Serb mafia in Scandinavia, also known as "Juggemaffian" ("Yugo Mafia") is an organized crime group in Sweden and Denmark. The foundations of the gang began during the mass immigration of Yugoslav guest-workers to Sweden in the 1970s. Its power base is in the cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen,[1] and territory in Malmö and Gothenburg, among other cities in western Sweden.[2]
Oh look Malmö and Gothenburg.I thought these were somali autnomous regions?

snowwrite Avatar

Like that somali niglet that blew himself up in the living room playing with his dads jihad stash ?

gojeanyn Avatar

>Why bongo bongos use granades anyway?

Criminals could not be stopped when they "imported" grenades across the border and into Sweden (for example driving a car loaded with grenades).
yes, I am not joking

The wonders of swedish bureaucratic red tape.
Customs officers did not have the legal authority to seize explosives, they could seize guns... and more importantly: evil danish/german alcohol.
Talk about village-mentality by the authorities, not even imagining the scenario that someone would transport a bomb across the border!

The good new is that this loop-hole was fixed... in 2016.

vladarbatov Avatar

Lots. I lived in two of them over the years.

>Brawls and kivings every friday night, so I went clubbing because I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway
>Glass party of the main door of my apartment building kicked in 3 times until they started using security glass
>Hearing shots at night was normal
>6 feet high blood splatters on the staircase walls

>Street gangs everywhere
>Mafia killings that were ruled suicide (I know it was a murder because I talked to family of the killers)
>Junkies with bullet wounds breaking down in the staircase
>Neighbors vanishing over night, their doors were broken open
>More or less open mafia deals in shops
>Crime rampant (I lived there for 4 years, a bakery around the corner was robbed 2x within this time)
>General bydlo tier neighborhood, backyard had a mountain of trash over 6 feet high
>Mosque next door where people talked about being chosen warriors and shit
And so on. I told the stories some times on /int/, some Russians said it sounded worse than the worst parts of Moscow.

If you want to check it out on Google, 1st was Altenessen in Essen, 2nd was Baukau in Herne. You can google "Selbstmord Herne Schloss Strünkede", that was the Mafia hit I mentioned.

ntfblog Avatar

hahaha no
Every mudrace has their own turf and cities they control
Södertälje - syrians
Karlskrona -albanians
Borlänge - somalians

agromov Avatar

BTW the 2nd was kinda near the place where they arrested that Marcel Heße guy. I went by that fast food place pretty often.

baluli Avatar

I have many german friends,Ive been there myself I never hear about mafia shootings everywhere, bullets from every corner or no go zones from them.Nor have I seen one.

Maybe you are a criminal/unterschicht yourself?

kennyadr Avatar

>You can google "Selbstmord Herne Schloss Strünkede"
Consider that the mafia might by the IP address of users who google this though.

jpotts18 Avatar

>I never hear about mafia shootings everywhere
Not sure if troll. The mafia hit in Duisburg should have been in the news in Austria, although those were the Italians.

I also lived nearby at the time, didn't hear shit :DDD

souperphly Avatar

You are both arguing with anecdotal evidence. Extremely not KC tier. Stop shit talk and start serious talk.

t. King of Krautchan

michaelkoper Avatar

I doubt it.
One of the guys I talked to works or worked with Farid Bang last time I heard, btw. They all know each other. I think Farid Bang was even in my apartment building but I didn't care at the time, should have made pics for KC :DDD

kreativosweb Avatar

>Maybe you are a criminal/unterschicht yourself?
And that makes me live in a parallel universe where crime happens or what?

jffgrdnr Avatar

m8 there is difference from your Germany is a war zone its all in flames no go zones stories to having the ocasional crime.
No country is free of mafia or crime.
statistics, research etc mean nothing to bernds on kc
they rather believe green arrow stories and ms painted memes

moynihan Avatar

Yes,yes actually in a way it does.

BrianPurkiss Avatar

Is not anecdotal
You can read about it in the regime press
each etnic group has their own areas and most of the violence is when some other group trying take over. Like anywhere else.

350d Avatar

That's enough. From here on you are banished from the lands of Krautchan for the crime of non-serious talk.

Your king has spoken. Now begone before I call the guards.

Bernd Avatar

>m8 there is difference from your Germany is a war zone
Are you drunk? Nothing war zone about it, just the common happenings in a muslim part of town.

The place where I live now is also getting worse since we have the largest amount of refugees in the vicinity. When I moved here it was a nice place, now there are robberies, break ins etc. all the time.

And that's official: We have over 200% more crime than the average in Cologne. It's one of the red parts in pic related.

iamglimy Avatar

i used to lurk on flashback 10 years ago, it's was about all kionds of different stuff, it also had subforum about my hobby. but then kike shills such as yourself came and began infiltrating it and turning everything into hurrdurr about muslims and right-wing politics shit. you did the same on 4chan too.

fuck you.

stuartlcrawford Avatar

Yes I just noticed. But Austria was literally using I've been there and it's not like that as an argument. Very unberndlemanly.

raquelwilson Avatar

lol, muslim ghettos are obviously D&D-style pocket dimensions, alright. How's the weather in Langley?

devankoshal Avatar

Where did they sing that song?

joshjoshmatson Avatar

Huh? What song?

sketi_ndlela Avatar

Da muss man sich einfach eine SS machen und mit dem Eisenbesen auskehren.

Haben Moslems eigentlich Goldzähne?

chatyrko Avatar

Die Hoffnungsmaschine.

mikaeljorhult Avatar


langate Avatar

>The swedish welfare state has basically already collapsed
it hasn't collapsed, you lying shit. it was reduced and deliberately made dysfunctional by neoliberal ZOG stooges. fuck off.
same happenend in germany.

n_tassone Avatar

Link your account mr mega oldfag

solid_color Avatar

Yea, but which district is it?

joki4 Avatar

Where are the no go zones?
give me PROOFS

alagoon Avatar

are you fucking insane? go fuck yourself, jidf.

joe_black Avatar


Official statistics not good enough for you?

bluesix Avatar

It has, they are running for broke
The rails ahead are gone

krdesigndotit Avatar


ritapetrilli87 Avatar


knulla dig själv, proxy shill

ayalacw Avatar

Of course it is a fucking collapse. If you would take a snap shot of the 80s welfare state and then compare it with now it is a collapse.

carlyson Avatar

>I'm being called a kike shill

Ok, now I have seen everything.
[Achievement unlocked]

And I can also tell you that discussing immigration and criminality on flashback was well established 10+ years ago.

t. registered 11 years ago, 2007.

bagawarman Avatar

>300 years payment plant on the house
>pension age raised to 75

Im sure another million TBC infected somalis with yellow eyes that cant read or write going to fix this.

aiiaiiaii Avatar

it's don't

Sweden is tied for the lowest murder rate in EU member countries. Sweden started having high rape statistics some year in the 2000's, at the exact same time Finland did. This is due to changes in the way rapes were reported; it doesn't mean that Sweden has more rapes than the Congo, but retards will interpret it that way.

Sweden bashing is mainly projection by 56%ers.

aleclarsoniv Avatar

i lurked on flashback in 2005 maybe earlier and on 4cancer since 2006. and yes on flashback all kinds of shit was discussed including immigration but i remember very well when you israeli shills and yes you are JIDF shills and yes YOU are apparently JIDF started hijacking every fucking forum with off-topic drivel about HURRDURR muslims, it happenend to the sub forum i lurked on as well and was all done by newly registered accounts or old accounts who had never posted in there before. i don't remember when it actually happenend, but it must have been around 2009 or 2010 around the same time when you shits /new/ spread their crap on 4cancer and right-wingers started literally flooding kc /b/.
also i highly doubt that you are swedish since you presented above flashback as "secret". it was at times the most popular forum in sweden, almost facebook tier. everyone lurked there.

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why are you posting a toru meme? are you I'm sorry for using that word, a k*rd?

csteib Avatar

They did the same here.

tjisousa Avatar

this kills the sweden

stayuber Avatar

by 2017 there are going to be more Syrians in Sweden than Finns.

is this real life? imagine telling a Swede that in 1970 as he lived in blonde paradise.

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this kills the sweden

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Isn't Biskopsgården in Göteborg worse than Rinkeby Meme?

andrewgurylev Avatar

Syrians already passed Sverigefinnar in 2016 or 2017

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Don't worry about it. They deserve it. I'm just sitting here waiting for 2050 in my own nigger country.

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Before I went to Köln I was told by Germans here that it is extremely dangerous etc.

Went to Weinachtsmarkt in Neumarkt and Heumarkt, was under the Dome, ate repeatedly in Turkish/Kurdish dönner places, hell, went even to FKK Klub.

All was civil and muslims were just normal young women and men occassionaly seen, but all was just ok and like in Kraków.

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how does that make finns feel