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Let's have a metro treda
Does your city have a metro? Is it good? Do you use it? Etc.
Pidorburgs metro's bretty good, though all money goes to Moscow so we haven't got any new stations for 5 years.
They should open 5 this year though, thanks to WC2018, then probably 4 in 2022.
It's fast and on time, but there's still big chunks of the city uncovered by it.
Also the official scheme(2nd pic) is always awful, don't know why they can't find a decent designer. Moscow at least has ArtLebedev.

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>does your city have a metro

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I still remember the layout from Metro 2033. Good game!

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Train, tram, subway and the greater Nankai(I think it's Nankai) region which emcompasses Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka + Nara make this entire place a massive clusterfuck.

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Both your maps is shit tbh.

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New York reporting in.

Ours is pretty decent. It has delays all the time, but it's still great. I take it to get to work each day, and home each night. It's pretty convenient despite the large crowds. There's also a lot of trash and rats and shit. You learn to live with it all. I'd like to experience some nicer cities' systems though.

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today i helped a nice german tourist who didn't know how to buy fare. he told me in germany they use paper tickets, he didn't know he needed to buy a tap card and load fare on it. it was his first time visiting USA. he also said that in germany, people would not help you if you needed assistance like this

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Every subway takes the same route in the city centre, so for travelling across town is easy with a train every 2 minutes. I like it.

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He should have informed himself better beforehand. I know I would have, so there would have been no need for talkings with strangers.

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Yes and it's a joke

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No,we got rid of our rail transit in the 60s and replaced it with buses that take 4 times as long and needs more fuel per mile.

Milwaukee has 600,000 people in the city and a million people in the suburbs but no mass transit. The city and the inner suburbs have the density for a far reaching light rail like Minneapolos and Saint Paul but republicans and NIMBYs would never allow it.

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That is absurd on multiple levels. Forst of all Toronto is huge, isnt the population higher than Chicago? And the routing is nonsense.

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CTA is probably the only system that compares to MTA in North America in terms of quality. Even BART is shit.

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bretty gud considering the area covered. i will walk a little longer if it means using the metro instead of the bus

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Its amazing how fast LA has grown its metro, and other cities shit on LA for not having as good of transit when they have probably built more lines than any other american city in the last 30 years.

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>Forst of all Toronto is huge, isnt the population higher than Chicago?

They're neck in neck, but Toronto is growing while Chicago has been on a decline for a while now. The problem is that transit planning is way too politically driven so a lot of what you see is just a result of pandering to suburban voters

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Suburban voters should have no say in urban transit, where I live they do not pay for it but still oppose it and have the power to vote against it.

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I agree 100% but unfortunately it's the politicians themselves that live in the suburbs and use transit as a platform. Toronto badly needs more transit in the city's core considering how many hundreds of thousands of people live and work there while having to rely on one subway line

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Did you mean this?

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>line 3 and 4
Are there at least plans to enlarge them?

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I want to travel to cities around the world to experience their public transportation which in particular would be the subway systems

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3 and 4 probably shouldn't be enlarged right now, at least not before new lines are built where they are actually needed.

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Einen Döner mit alles und scharf bitte.

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There are only about 250k people living here. Also fuck you buy a car this is America, I guess.

I've never lived in a city with a real metro system.

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what can you tell about that region and story of name pls?