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/int/ 43460670: Did you know that KC actually stands for "Keinbern...

ryandownie Avatar

Did you know that KC actually stands for "Keinbernd Central"?

rohan30993 Avatar

I thought it "Kopro Chan"

mugukamil Avatar

I thought it was "kill chinks"

stayuber Avatar

I thought it stood for Kraut Chan

bassamology Avatar

thought kafir cinni's

joe_black Avatar

Can someone explain to me what kein means

steynviljoen Avatar

Kein is a shortening from Keinbernd, which means "antithesis of Bernd".

sindresorhus Avatar

So it's like a chad?

bluesix Avatar

All Chads are Keinbernds, but not all Keinbernds are Chads.

chatyrko Avatar

kein means something like not or none
keinbernd is literally just not a bernd

rangafangs Avatar


Worse than Chad. Keinbernd is like a jew that destroys the economy, only in a very non-Berndlike way. Also he destroys more than just the economy, but the ecology, the society, the spacetime continuum... keinbernd must be stopped for the good of all sentient beings.

joki4 Avatar

keinbernd also has nothing to do with having sex, but having sex is a symptom of being keinbernd.

shesgared Avatar

Yeah keinbernd means just a normal human being tbh, whic is literally every Bernd can become, unless you are hearing voices, disabled, extremely fucking poor, which is not a case for an overwhelming majority.

thierrymeier_ Avatar

> become
be born as*

emileboudeling Avatar

Nah you're not even close tbh, it's just a lot of shit in your heada, probably from your parents.

anhskohbo Avatar

You can't become normal human being without having a normal past. It's too late now.

husamyousf Avatar

there is no safe place for Bernd

javorszky Avatar

I've been here for 8 fucking years now. Did you expect me to be a kissless, loser virgin bernd forever? People fucking change over time, get over it.

andyisonline Avatar

You've been on kc for 8 fucking years? Lmao what a loser

joshclark17 Avatar

See you are in some recurrent self-loathing cicle, which never ends, my reasoning can't break through it, it means that your heada has a lot of bugs, that's why you are mostly true about people "justing" on you is neither fair notr useful, maybe you must go to head dogtor, if you can't beat it yourself, or wait untill the first unsuccesful suicide attempt, then maybe you would see.

yehudab Avatar

I have a space spafes in my hed.

kurafire Avatar

You betrayed our values.

samihah Avatar

you have to go back.

t. been there for 8 years too and learned from Bernd, found ways, helped bernds, etc.

mbilderbach Avatar

> See you are in some recurrent self-loathing cicle, which never ends,
But I wouldn't be in this never-ending cycle if not for being human garbage.
> it means that your heada has a lot of bugs
That means my heda is of shit and not fit for this life.