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/int/ 43460869: The leftists is right about religion The far right is ...

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The leftists is right about religion
The far right is right about immigration laws
The capitalists are right about economic policy
The socialists are about healthcare and eldercare

Who should I vote for?

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sounds natsoc to me

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>atheist capitalists
OP should vote for social democrats

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Real social democrats

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Sounds like Japan.

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Japan is racist so it's bad. They need more african and middle-eastern immigrants.

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>Tfw leftist =/= communists on the west, so whey calling retarded gay-lgbt-faggot lobbists and populist tier "greens" and other useless scum accepting capitalism "left", and calling "socialist" real leftists.
You are really became politicaly dumb there, guys.

kurafire Avatar

Dividing by zero tier party. Nationalism and socialism are different poles.

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So you're a social liberal who doesn't like immigration.

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Leftism is a religion, silly

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>Nationalism and socialism are different poles.
Absolutely wrong.
Nationalism is an ideology.
Socialism is an economic policy.

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Sverigedemokraterna and you know it. Stop teasing.

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Japan is conservative both socially and politically. Their biggest political party, Liberal Democrat Party(weird name considering how their ideology is a mix of conservatism and Japanese nationalism.), has been in power The LDP has near continuously been in power since its foundation in 1955, with the exception of a period between 1993 and 1994, and again from 2009 to 2012.

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And the biggeeest retard is from the U S of A. CONGRATS

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Vote libertarian.
> healthcare and eldercare
Poor people don't deserve it.

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If gods exist praying and worshiping them is pointless endeavor because it will not effect you in any way. just like denying god existence is also pointless waste of your time

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fuck off oligarch

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There is an obscure offshoot of national socialism called "strasserim".

If i had to make an analogy i would say they are the trots to National socialism stalinists which would be hitlerists.

Nazis dont like them because they are basically crypto commies.
Commies dont like them because they are basically crypto facists.
Its communism for white people only

n1ght_coder Avatar

My face when my lecturer was a national bolshevik.

ademilter Avatar

there is fabian society

whats need for strasserists?

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nazbol is too confusing, stupid, and is basically strasserism except you also jerk off to russia a lot

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Didn't the Strasser brothers oppose Hitlers ethnic nationalism?

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Yeah, I know. It's a meme tier ideology, but I find it interesting in some way.

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Nothing confusing about it. "Stalin, Beria, Gulag - we would start reforms with that". Total war with enemies of Russia. Gulag for non-russian elements.

guischmitt Avatar

replace hitler with stalin add russo-oriental elements

trueblood_33 Avatar

So basically what North Korea is doing?

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Aren't Nazbols basically Stalinist who view Socialism in one country as a goal itself, rather than just a temporary "ideological necessity".

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Their ideas was that jews are bad because they are capitalists and should be removed, but so should the rest of the capitalists.
They said the hitler only did half a revolution.

And hitler killed all of these faggots on the night of the long knives.

eloisem Avatar

They're stalinists that see stalin as he was "russian hitler". Obviously retarded but still interesting conception.

giuliusa Avatar

Well I may be wrong about Gregor, but Otto was openly critical of Hitlers antisemitism.

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>Strasserism (German: Strasserismus or Straßerismus) is a strand of Nazism that calls for a more radical, mass-action and worker-based form of Nazism, hostile to Jews not from a racial, ethnic, cultural or religious perspective, but from an anti-capitalist basis, to achieve a national rebirth. It derives its name from Gregor and Otto Strasser, the two Nazi brothers initially associated with this position.

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>Absolutely wrong.
>Nationalism is an ideology.
>Socialism is an economic policy.
Absolutely wrong.
Nationalism is bourgeois ideology. It comes from bourgeoisie and pursues strictly bourgeois goals.

Socialism(In reality Communism, since socialism is it's first phase) is proletarian ideology and leads to classless society.
Both ideologies are related with economic poltics, otherwise they were useless.

That's why parties like National-Bolshevism, NSDAP or Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia are nonsense from political-economic point of view - they trying to sit on both chairs on public, but they pursue quite bourgeois goals, or have no specific goals at all, using a cheap populism to come to power.

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>Nationalism is bourgeois ideology. It comes from bourgeoisie and pursues strictly bourgeois goals.
Yeah that's why bourgeois import cheap labor from mudslim shitholes. Because they're huge nationalists lol.

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In various parts of my Deutsche Revolution and in
numerous articles in the international press I have
expressed the utmost disapproval of the shameless and
inhuman anti-Jewish campaign that has characterized
the Hitler System; and I may also mention that as early
as 19283 in a party periodical, I protested editorially
against antisemitism of the Streicher brand, voicing the
war-cry, 'Antisemitism is dead. Long live the idea of
the People! 5

This advocacy of the idea of the People logically
implied the disavowal of any valuation of peoples or
nations as good or bad, as better or worse, since they
all have equal rights, equal needs, and equal duties, in
accordance with the will of the Creator, who gave each
of them its own kind, its own nature, and its own tasks.
This profound respect for organic life, and the fact that
it is necessary for us and incumbent on us to recognize
and maintain human dignity, imply that it will be an
unconditional part of the social and political organiza-
tion of New Germany to maintain the equal rights of all
human beings.

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Strasserism seems nice

jonkspr Avatar

Vote with your heart, man!

Religion rights are much more meaningfull than stopping the help from those who need it.

abdots Avatar

Historicaly nationalism was born in capitalist revolution with the goal to unite people and own means of production for accumulation of capital against other competitors. You just have to have a safe place to store capital, while plunder the other nations. You say "imigration". Did you think capitalists may do it to make society more nationalistic, creating an external enemy so they could cut salaries, raise taxes
etc, explaining that by struggle/spendings against/for migrants? Yes, capitalism (like communism) is international, but nationalism is used to keep own bydlo on a leash. Class differences are stronger than national.

sketi_ndlela Avatar

> capitalist revolution
delete your kc account

alv Avatar

Delete your education. Nations originate in the Renaissance with first bourgeois revolutions in Europe.

areus Avatar

>Did you think capitalists may do it to make society more nationalistic
Let's be more realistic here, international capitalists do it simply because they want cheaper labor and they would gladly completely replace local population with foreigners, that's what they're trying to achieve right now.

>creating an external enemy
Yes, by mass importing foreign bydlo from 3rd world shitholes. No immigrants == no external enemy.

>Class differences are stronger than national.
Not for me. I have no problem having fun with my ex schoolmates who become middle class richfags, even though I much poorer than them. I obviously don't want to have anything in common with central asian "proletarian" who cuts off ears for fun.

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Just change them in 4-party system every 5 years.

franciscoamk Avatar

> first bourgeois revolutions in Europe
delete your account this is my final warning