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/int/ 43460931: I think I might need glasses. For the past weeks, I not...

jamesmbickerton Avatar

I think I might need glasses. For the past weeks, I noticed I cannot focus very well in the distance. Today I was driving somewhere with my mother. She notified me of a sign. I then noticed that I couldn't read the sign until it was 25-30 meters away, and even then with great difficulty. A little while later I noticed that I could not distinguish a cyclist from the wooded background until he was 50 meters away.

Is this normal, or might I really be myopic?

darcystonge Avatar

Just be more confident, brah.

irsouza Avatar

Top advice burv.

bouyghajden Avatar

Eye cancer

soyeljuaco Avatar

It's called getting old. My eyesight is getting shittier too now that I'm in my 30s.

katiemdaly Avatar

Those signs are for sissies and virgins, just drive to your destination man

Yes you need glasses, or LASER surgery if you don't want to look like some nerd

rahmeen Avatar

This happened to me a few years ago. I guess that sitting in front of a computer all day starts to make you nearsighted. Go to the eye doctor and get checked out.

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Boy that sucks.