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/int/ 43461001: Scheming Sweden

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I have figured it all out. My eyes are finally open. The reason why Sweden is collecting so much niggers isn't because le cultural marxism. The real reason is simple.

Olympic achievements.

Countries have fought against each other for decades with sports. You guys still remember all the Russian steroid man machines? This is just an advanced version of that. Drugs are banned so they are importing animal people with superior muscles to compete for them. Call me crazy but you know I am right. Google Swedish athletes on international sport competitions and you will see what I mean.

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Schizofinn attacks once again.

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BRBR hueball infamous at KC for shitposting all the time strikes again.

Sage is not a dislike button. Learn to hide thredas you don't like, you lowly primate.

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Look at the content of your thread and check again who's shitposting. :3

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Destroying your demographics only so you could win a couple of useless medals doesn't seem to be a very smart move.

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Ook ook!

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you mean to say they are trying to corner the market on all running events?

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It was important enough that Soviets used many moneys, resources, time and manpower at it. My theory is entirely plausible and logical. Why can't you see this? Haven't you taken your medication lately? I did that once because I didn't trust my doctor and psychologist and felt funny for a while.

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Black people have superior muscles and dexterity so yes, everything related to jumping and running.

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Natural born Swedes are actually better at olympics.

Look at fascist Germany for reference. Or at the astounding strength and abilities of trained nordic men and women.

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Only 3rd world shitholes care about sp*rts

Oh wait it's about Sweden

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That sound like Nazi propaganda. It is a well known and acknowledged fact among professional scientists that black people have superior muscles, dexterity and bigger and thicker penises than white people. That fact about them having lower average IQ is racist pseudo-science though!

I demand you present me proofs for your claims.

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Would let her immigrate into my bed

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Is that why you Russians were(and still are) so obsessed with it?

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Nobody in Europe cares much for Olympics. Only Nordics do for ice sports.

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Recently I heard a Russian academic anthropologist claim that nearly all Africans have beautiful bodies (now that part is true, even in famine-ridden shitholes they look like greek statues) because they walk around naked and ugly people were bred out, so basically clothes are dysgenic.

I wonder why American blacks look so much worse than Africans despite much better living conditions and nutrition, I mean most Africans subsist on starch and barely edible roots, they've never seen a protein

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Nope. Majority of European countries are obsessed with football, an another sport where blacks excel. Just look at Brazil.

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But the Winter Olympics are coming. How will importing Africans help then?

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>now that part is true, even in famine-ridden shitholes they look like greek statues

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Football has nothing to do with olympics.

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We excel in football too, and we have one black on our team, who is one of the worst players we have and is just there because of politics. Also, where are all the African world champs and gold medallists?

Blacks are good only when there's no doping tests - see Jamaica and Kenya.

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Teach the niggers about snow and ice. They should do well at ice hockey considering how it's physically taxing sport where you need to be aggressive.

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I actually meant to include non-olympic international sport competitions too. Just forgot to post it.

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Blacks suck at most sports, though. You're watching too much Hollywood.

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notice that the swedes are completely silent...

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no blacks have been champions in any throwing competitions so i dont think thats correct

same with swimming

doesnt really have anything to do with muscle strength blacks just have better cardio

also weightlifting and other such sports are dominated by wh*tes

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Their managers and bossmen are all black and they live at shitholes. That's why they suck. Combine black might with western management and you will be victorious.

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Of course they suck at swimming, They live in desert. Barely have water to drink so how can they swim?

I bet in the future we will have black Swedish athletes dominate swimming too.

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>doesnt really have anything to do with muscle strength blacks just have better cardio

Jamaicans can run fast because of roids. As do Kenyans and Ethiopians. They also train completely different (Bolt doesn't even do squats and Kenyans run maybe 1,5 hours per day), so, at most, I'd put their success down to less training and less "American science".

But really, it's steroids.

You also missed the fact that all black "sport miracle" countries were very closed to be banned collectively for steroids recently because you had too much fun shitposting about Russian roids.

It's astounding how shit the general knowledge about sports science is. Really.

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>They live in desert.
Ever been to Africa? It's not desert, in spite what Hollywood tells you. Pretty fertile, actually and rich in all resources.

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>It's astounding how shit the general knowledge about sports science is. Really.

if people knew anything about it maybe you would not have stupid 'black ppl are good at all sports because i see them run fast' meme

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They still look less deformed than the average white middle class kid

Look at this picture, it's slums of Monrovia, Liberia — an extremely poor, civil war-torn country. Every nigger in it is fit. In Europe and America only rich people who spend half their lives in a gym are that fit and even then they have broad hips, mantits, terrible skin and so on.

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They look like Roman soldiers. That one man even has a cape.

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It's actually dangerous to enter fresh water in tropics on multiple levels, from crocodiles to flesh-eating bacteria, but probably nastiest are the worm larvae that bore through skin. In tropical populations over half are schistosoma carriers (the flatworm that cuddles in ur arteries), and there's dracunculus, river blindness, and scores of species unknown to science.

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Western lifestyle is degenerating.
t. weston a. price

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T. British Broadcasting Company

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That sounds like Australia. Do aussies have those?

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Tropical Africa has the worst pathogens because it's human original habitat, there are several that specifically infect H*mo sapiens. Australia has hostile fauna but it's not specifically anti-human