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/int/ 43461032: I'm confused

bobwassermann Avatar

Tfw dismissed by a girl after many fuggins which had me slightly infatuated. She claims we have bad chemistry, but I suspect that's a code word for something more banal.
Additional info: She was the one who asked me out, very interested to begin with. Also, she's much fitter than me being a competing athlete.

albertodebo Avatar

Considering how butthurt you are to make a thread about it, she probably sensed that you were going to be clingy.

adammarsbar Avatar

I try not to be. Usually its the other way around.

eloisem Avatar

She assumed you'd have a big benis and would beat her and pay for her shit, but then neither.
t. Woman pro

strikewan Avatar

just having two out of those three usually works
t. broke

langate Avatar

So... this is the quality of 4chan norway

mikaeljorhult Avatar

Just having 1 suffices
t. Big benis

lisakey1986 Avatar

What did he mean by this?

syntetyc Avatar

In all seriousness you would find a better community in 4chan related facebook groups, reddit, and of course 4chan itself. Get out of here.

albertodebo Avatar

>She claims we have bad chemistry, but I suspect that's a code word for something more banal.


syntetyc Avatar

Cheeky cunt I've been here since 2011. Please stay topical.

rawdiggie Avatar

>lots of fuckings
>bad chemestry

kek...she just wanted to get laid dude, you were used.
That's what happens for thinking with your cock.

fluidbrush Avatar

i didnt brush my teeth or showeer for a week

_vojto Avatar

there's plenty of dudes with big enough dicks, it's just not enough

subtik Avatar

Sure thing mate, maybe you've been here for too long. Maybe find somewhere else.

vaughanmoffitt Avatar

We didn't go at it right away, so that seems unlikely.

1markiz Avatar

She liked the way you fucked but realized that you're not bf material. It happens.

aiiaiiaii Avatar

I think you should apply for kc moderator, you have the skills.

exevil Avatar

I don't think she liked the way we fucked considering she complained about not climaxing. Honestly, I think the answer might be that I'm too out of shape for her standards.

n_tassone Avatar

Of course I am joking

You always have to beat your woman.

creartinc Avatar

>I don't think she liked the way we fucked considering she complained about not climaxing.
So the sex wasn't good and you didn't click as a couple?
Stop looking into it, you just aren't that girl's cup of tea.

velagapati Avatar

I acknowledge this ship has sailed, but clarifying causes might help future gf endeavours.

suribbles Avatar

Well it's hard to say here since we are on an anonymous imageboard so only you know yourself best.
Maybe you are a bit clingy, maybe you're a bit too insecure for her liking, who knows.
It's important to bear in mind that each girl you want to date is different. Some girls will find you more appealing than others.
Why? Because they're all fucking crazy. But regardless, don't bend yourself too much out of shape over this, Bernd.

doronmalki Avatar

based on your previous post...foreplay my man. Go take a shower together, wash each other, return to the bed, finger her, then when you move to penetration she will have an orgasm.

adhiardana Avatar

Yes, she said the same. I always forget.
I would agree with this if it wasn't for a pattern of similiar episodes with the more attractive/confident girls I date.

tweet_john Avatar

it's because you suck.

melvindidit Avatar

>but I suspect that's a code word for something more banal

You are just boring, a result of being an uncultured swine that f5 youtube and imageboards 24/7

wiljanslofstra Avatar

But what about all my kc tier knowledge?

leandrovaranda Avatar

>f5 youtube

puzik Avatar

nice humblebrag

ultragex Avatar

>she complained about not climaxing
Mystery solved.