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I went to cinema with gf.
I was kind of frustrated, because it's like going to a cinema with a friend. Passion is gone, no butterflies, etc. 1.5 years of dating.
She said something about marrying and moving from Ukraine. But she's so entitled to think I have to marry her and take her from Ukraine? Basically she is shamelessly declaring she wants to marry because I can take her from Ukraine. Why would I want to put a stone on my neck? I don't feel being loved. I want a loving wife.
I said that you have to live in the present and enjoy being together here and now, she said that I'm kind of too passive and don't think about future. I said I think she dreams about moving from Ukraine rather than about me.
Maybe I don't love her?

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>because I can take her from Ukraine

How? Are you a foreigner?

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Nigga you fucking what

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she is smarter than you.

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Are you the same hohol whose gf called a bitch because you were raised by a single mom?

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Moving out from the Ukraine is a mst.

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Don't call me hohol, rude!
You are correct.
Also I tried to kiss her cheek and accidently poked her eye with my nose. She was mad.

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I work for a foreign company.

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Mfw I won't find balls to break up with her and end up marrying her and wasting my life in an unhappy marriage with wife nagging money from me

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How to wake up, Bernd?
I can't wake up

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the suffering is real

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keinbernd raus

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>I want a loving wife.
cheat on her

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That's what you get for dating female girls.

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What logic have horny Turks behind posts like this?

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it's a good advice but you choose to insult. enjoy suffering then.

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are all hohles in laughable relationships, or is it a single hohole making all these threads? just leave her.

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It is bad advice. Explain what you have mean

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he's not op
t. op

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It is single hohol. Most Ukrainians are virgins except codemonkey oligarchs

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t. eq 89

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I don't think you should get a gf unless you intend to marry her from the start, tbh.

I had several longterm relationships, back then I was immature enough to target a priori difficult women, so my relationships have always been constant emotional rollercoasters. Long story short - in these extremes you actually get a lot of experience you can later use in life. Once I've gotten away from dating problematic women and focused on "normal" ones, it became quite apparent that these insane traits exist in every woman and the biggest problem of a relationship (a.k.a. women being irrational ungrateful cunts) never ceases to exist no matter whom you're dating.

My advice - sleep around and have fun until you find someone you can really relate to. Until then - keep moving, have fun and don't look back. Having wife/wife-material by your side is important, but it definitely isn't vital.

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>I don't think you should get a gf unless you intend to marry her from the start, tbh.
I agree. Entire west would be unfucked if so.

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> I said I think she dreams about moving from Ukraine rather than about me.

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do you kno de way out of ukraine?

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it's very easy

you don't like her, you cheat on her and find a another gf that makes you happy.

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>My advice - sleep around and have fun


btw, my advice is: just don't sleep with anyone you would be against marrying.
Basically, only consider wife material.

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i don't know if you're the one whose gf wanted him to pay all the bills for your shared flat. if yes then there seems to be little in this relationship going for you, and she obviously needs some fuck to start a family with and siphon money from, to which you also seem ill-suited.
if you aren't him then you should also leave her, since you referred to your prospective marriage as "stone by the neck". by this i assume your relationship has no future, thus the only reasonable course of action would be to break up.

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This is the advice that pretty much stays the same across religions, it likely has something to it.

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What if I start dating her and then find she's not a wife material?

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Das a bold assumption, fren.
>just don't sleep with anyone you would be against marrying
You'll miss 999 possible intercourses out of 1000. Such purist bullshit will get you into a looney bin in no time.

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Drop her, that's 100% usual situation

>Such purist bullshit
>just bee yourself

Fucking keinbernd when do you raus

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>You'll miss 999 possible intercourses out of 1000
like bernd has had 1000 intercourse even if he was not ugly

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Your relationship is already over. Just pull off the band aid quickly and end it.

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Despite the idea that it's bernd that's ugly and shit, my experience says it's at least the same way from the other (ours) side. For example, i remember over 3 times when i met the girl i liked at work or work related matters, but then i checked their social networks and those were full of attention whoring, grammatical mistakes and shit. Instant boner kills!

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I'm just going to say that you miss a lot. Good luck and all that.

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Yes, I'm that guy. I am truly a kaycee celebrity now.
I can't make myself leave her. I started to say that it's going nowhere, I'm thinking about staying friends, she was like "so what, let's keep going, I don't want to give up, let's trust fate, time will show, my parents aren't a perfect match either". She also even tried to say something like I have wasted her prime time.
Does she want me to harshly tell her it's over?

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I'm just going to say that you're on the wrong board

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She will never leave if she thinks she can still manipulate you.

Just quietly separate your stuff and hide everything. Then tell her it's over and you want her to fuck off.

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Of course she doesn't want to hear it, but if you mean it you have to say it.

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>She also even tried to say something like I have wasted her prime time.

Why didn't you tell her to fuck off yet? I don't know how old are you, but unless you're under 18, you should have the idea about... actually, doesn't even have anything with age. Just drop the whore and embrace berndom.

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>I have wasted her prime time.
Dump that toxic cunt immediately and go full no-contact.

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What do you want to hear? That everything will be good in the end? From what you say it probably won't, and if the relationship is shit for you, just end it.

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You don't love her op. Part of being in love and making the other person feel loved is also discussing the future. You take the comfortable stand that she's not enjoying the present, that's the one of a lazy man who's only playing you until he finds someone else.