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What abaout the "false" rocket Alarm in Hawaii a few hours ago? Do you know what's going on?
Some very credible sources say that it wasn't a false alarm but American rocket interception shot down about a dozen north korean nuclear missiles. There where nuclear detonations over the pacific, but none of the missiles reached inhabited areas.

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kek I KNEW horseshit conspiracies were gonna start about this, I KNEW it.

what makes conspiracy theorists want to believe this stuff? Is it because they are insignificant individuals and they want to feel like they know more than others?

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>Some very credible sources

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Brb /pol/

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Sounds plausible.


The time between a mass shooting in the US and somebody shouting 'false flag' is generally about 30 milliseconds.

Bernd Avatar

>Some very credible sources

pls austriaball. you're not the best poster around here, but you've got to be better than this.

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Norks would never launch a first strike

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Looks like you guys are already on full damage controll.

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Wasn't false but ZUMA zapped the rocket while still on ascent so they're covering the whole thing up.

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>Looks like you guys

Who do you mean with 'you guys'?

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if you think that North Korea (a country with the GDP of Mozambique) can launch an intercontinental missile that can hit Hawaii you're a moron.

If you think that North Korea wouldn't brag about launching an intercontinental missile you're a moron.

If you think that Japanese/South Korean/Russian intelligence wouldn't pick up an intercontinental missile launch and report it you're a moron.

If you think that the USA wouldn't use this as a reason to go to war you're a moron.

If you think this 'false alarm' was anything other than a false alarm, you're a moron.

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>claim something absurd without proofs
>people point out lack of proofs

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Any images ?

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What if next time the military receive false news of a missile launch. Maybe they counteratack and start a war before realising

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American anti ICBM capabilites are very advanced, at least advanced enough to destroy north korean rockets. There is no real threat, north koreans are only testing the American defensess. Maybe for the Russians or Chinese.

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>if you think that North Korea (a country with the GDP of Mozambique) can launch an intercontinental missile that can hit Hawaii you're a moron.
Actually it can. Well, not that they are able to hit it but they can fire a rocket with nuclear head to this distance.

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>Actually it can. Well, not...

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it's don't

i watched one go off in san diego in bush years
they preprogrammed the trajectory and it still fail

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They would go to war but USA is afraid of China.

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Hawaii isn't that small, they have a fair chance to hit.

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What is shown to the public versus what's really possible are very different things.
There are a lot of disguised defense systems installed around the USA, stuff very advanced, stuff the military got from the outside. Technology several decades more advanced than everything known to the public.

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Thank god NACHO was playing golf!
Imagine the nuclear alarm flashed on Fox&Friends when he was watching!

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If it's true we will observe within a few days a significant increase of radionuclides in the air. Monitor your online alerts. Be prepared:

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Coincidently they say they are about to dump big amounts of readioactive wastes from Fukushima into the Pacific.

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What "credible sources"?

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it's don't

false alarm was real false alarm, but was used to garner American support for a first strike on NorthKorea.

Judging by this thread it's working quite well

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>Best Korea
>a dozen ICBMs at once

U wot m8. They can do a rocket a month and nuclear warhead once a year.