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/int/ 43461697: Movie recommendation for Polish Bernds

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"Atak Paniki": just fucking great movie, one of the best Polish movies i watched this year so far, better even than "Cicha Noc". I was watching it without even a second of boredom, great dialogues, great directing, great scenes, great acting, great screenplay. The movie is multi-layered: 95% of the movie is happening in 6 independent plot-spheres, it jumps from one story to another and increases emotional engagement of the viewer all the time. I really really liked it, the score 9/10

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can i get english dubs

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I just browsed the movie site and no information about English-subtitled version yet. The movie is officially released in Poland 19.01.2018, but i watched it today because Cinema City made pre-premiere show.

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I'll watch it when there's subs.

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that is what polish sounds like

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khut dakh min nam ar henk wer ar de frikadeller

That's what you sound like.

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that's german

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So now you admit it!

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>dark hair dark eyes

Are these real Poles or Turks, so I can know whether to be triggered

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>another generic 'comedy' about warsaw middle class yuppies 99% of the country can't even relate to
>people are cursring all the tiem xD KURWA !KURWA! KURWA!. hehehe it's funny innit? XD

Yeah, nah, fuck off.

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You didn't watch the movie, i did, so shut up. It is a great movie, and all social classes are shown in it.

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polish movie cant be good

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I watch around 40-50 movies in cinema / month now, including productions from other countries, so i can compare. You probably can't.

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By the way, i watched also around 20 minutes of "Narzeczony na niby" today, but it was indeed a generic comedy like "Listy do M", so i left the cinema-hall.

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that's suffering

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The last film I genuinely liked was 'Sztuka Kochania' tbqh fam

Great story, inderasting choice of cast, cosy rural PRL climate, a lot of sexings, Kubasińska's music... I give it stronk 7/10

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I love watching movies. So far i was doing it at home, but since i became an owner of the Unlimited Card, i watch them only in the cinema now, because i don't pay for tickets.

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> Great story, inderasting choice of cast, cosy rural PRL climate, a lot of sexings, Kubasińska's music... I give it stronk 7/10

If you like movies about communist Poland, i can recommend "Dom Zły" (2009) and "Różyczka" (2010). First movie is a crime story settled in times of gray and depressing communist times, and second one is about a communist secret service Jewish-Polish SB officer who is responsible for initiating 1968 campaign to "kick out" Jews from Poland.

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How do you find time to watch almost 2 movies per day, atlanta? Do you have a life?

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Sometimes i watch 5 movies / day, sometimes 1 movie / day. I work 8 hours / day, 5 days / week, so i have a lot of time to watch movies.