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/int/ 43461742: Did she post this year?...

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Did she post this year?

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Kill your self

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Who she ?

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lisiczka? is she still alive?

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The girl who drew cute pictures.

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Was she Australia?
I can't remember anymore.

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Kit ? Dogstralia ?

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She doesn't speak English and she feels uncomfortable about posting on KC

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I remember they calling her that, but I doubt that cause she didn't speak English.

Do you know where she is now?

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So who ?

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I talked to her on VK before New Year

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She has a vk?
Can you gibe it, pls?
[email protected]

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>tfw I know her
Only a Bernd will be pathetic enough to orbit someone as fucked in the heda as she is

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She seems like a cite poster. What's wrong with her?

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srsly, nigger, kys yourself

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Can somebody explain to me all this hate?

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4cancer leaking
This is going to happen with every english board from now on

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This is neither of their styles.

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The girl who drew these cute pictures.

So, it's just the 2008-tier ananym-ligion meme bullshit? I didn't know Bernd can get that cringeworthy.

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Tell more. She from 2ch ?

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I don't remember, I guess somebody gave her the link to KC, maybe it was on 2ch. The thing is her posts were as cute as her pictures. I had the thread saved somewhere, but it's in Russian.

At least I'm not the only one who's missing her. :з

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When were the drawings posted ?

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last january

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Pls, Ukraina, give me her contacts or send her my mailbox.

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tell me more

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thats obviously not dogstralia that drew these pictures
ps: i think she likes BCC (big chechen cock)

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who doesn't like BCC?

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you can find everything here
t. other ukrainian

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She also said she went to sunday school and that she's shy about her appearance cause she thinks her nose is too big.
Also she told how she cooks stuff.

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Where's the pictures?

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Can she make chebureki?

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>всем привет это мама йжеки

>йжеки умерла

How old is she to post about her death?

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is she kike
also there must be real pic of her post

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Only young people talk about their death.

Once you pass your 20's you stop giving shit.

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How do such people think? I mean the last thing one's parents would do is go on their tumblr and post that one's dead.

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I think it seems kind of cute.

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Well I sent a message from the Rat to the tumblr. Let's see what happens.

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Invite her here, maybe she'll be cute some more.

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That's what I did, told to come here.

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Good job.

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Это шо, Вояк?

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Надо было ей кантриболлов порисовать.

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Этотоже Вояк, в образе девочки.

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Это не вояк, у вояка нет ушей.

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Вояк слева

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Судя по прическе с картинки "я", это она, а не Вояк. >>43463623

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Did she post boobs or face?
Does she have benis?

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I managed to find a link to her magic girls comic I've translated back then:

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>всем привет это мама йжеки
>йжеки умерла
is she ded for reals?

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Who is she?
t. literally clueless

also polite sage

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Oh wait no need to do that. I just found the link to her tumblr ITT. Seems to be one of many attentionwhores trying to copy Smr03.

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Is it the runglish or was it badly written in the first place?

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It has very simplistic and naive writing. I've attempted to translate it as close as possible, so that's why it might look like runglish. Of course there's a chance of true runglish added by translation, given I'm bad with words overall.

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Her comics from threada on kc

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Is there a pack of pics somewhere? Gibe archive please.

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that's all i have

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You know it's "naive" and overall poorly written (I mean grammar here) intentionally? She wants to give off these "Fucked in the Heda but Childlike" vibes.

If you seriously like her and her art then please hand yourself right fucking now.

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get out

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Don't know why but I'm getting serious touhou vibes from the comic. Maybe its the silly hat.

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go fuck youself

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Retarded infantile shit for anime pidors. Disgusting.

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Traduis stp

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yeah yeah, wtf are you doing here big boi?

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Cool! Thanks!

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Qui ?

Qui ?

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Hey these ones weren't translated.

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these were not in the original thread
-hey Irga you were a goddess, tell me stuff about magic girls
-hmm.. i know little but can get you to know a certain someone
i'd have to do some magic to move us there
- this is the place
- a shack?
hi! im Imbir', I'm a magic girl, who are you?
hello Imbir', im the goddess of the great date palm, my name is Great Road

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Spassib' femme.

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tl;dr: stop stalking her, you disgusting creep.

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Tell her go to iichan, it would fit her girly drawings well.

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> go to iichan
Why so cruel

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no lewds!

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Well, OP, here's a new pic for you. Go on an register in tumblr if you want to talk.

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She should just come on cassé

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Yes, I understand why she doesn't want to post on KC. Especially with all those school-tier haters from the posts above. I don't want to post very much nowadays either. I was just thinking, what if I made a script, like dollfags are said to have, that would allow Bernds to have cozy discussions right within KC. Without leaving it, and without all those cancerous posters getting in the way? Would she, maybe, consider posting then? I was thinking about making such script for a year, specifically after her last year's thread recieved some bad comments from a part of KC posters. That's when I realized something was really wrong with KC. I'd like to see her post again. I think she's very much in the spirit of the early KC with its internet personas, principles of "pure love" and its cute countriball comics.

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Also, there's at least two Bernds 'stalking' her in this thread, maybe more.

Thank's for reply, by the way.

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>I was just thinking, what if I made a script, like dollfags are said to have, that would allow Bernds to have cozy discussions right within KC.
Expand on that femme. What more could you code that Dollchan doesn't implement ?

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I genuinely liked her cuteposting.

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Also pls gib any link to any her profile. Deviant/tumblr/etc

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I wouldn't post here either if I had you losers obsessing over me and stalking. You guys are pretty damn creepy and pathetic.

t. looker from the sidelines on this thread

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Stalking is but a noble form of appreciation.

t. totally not a stalker

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Yeah. You clearly was not stalked before.

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I'd like her tumblr; the art is cute and I want to see more.

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She could be a kc cute goddess

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My idea is the following:
KC has a lot of 4chan/sosach shitposters now that mods don't want to do anything about, neither do they want to add captcha to slow the board down and make posts larger and more content rich. So, decent threads get flushed by apy threads, and quality posts get lost in one-line rude shitposting. I would say, there are two cultures on /int/ at the moment - those who make big/quality posts, and those, for whom it's just a large board with no captcha, nothing more.
So I was thinking, what if we could split those two 'boards' so that the one doesn't flush down the other. Of course, a separate board would be nice. Or an KC engine update that would add a new type of threads with obligatory captcha that can't be flushed down by the captchaless threads. Essentially that would be like having two boards, one with captcha, another without, but with one catalog/1...20.html pages for the two. A new captchaless thread would only kill another (old) captchaless thread, not affect the slow ones. Of course, mods can't be expected to do anything for the quality of the board, I don't remember them try since the optional bumps day, So I decided to do the same think with a greasemonkey script.
The script works as follows: When you post in a thread you consider valueable with the script on, it adds the thread to the virtual catalog implemented by that script. The posts added that way are displayed in a separate tab within the standard KC thread page. When the thread on KC dies, you can still post to the /int2/ section of it and the link to it remains in the catalog. So, to the owners of the script the thread is still alive, and they can go on posting no matter the shitstorms. Also, it eliminates the need for Bernds to move to another board or to get enough posters on there for it to be lurkable - if you want to see what the /int2/ posters have to say on that given thread, you just press the button on the standard KC form. So far, I think the idea might just work, as long as enough Bernds install the greasemonkey script, of course.

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I think it's quite interesting of a proposal Bernd. But it brings up questions :

1) Would it be fully be compatible with Dollchan ?
Dollchan is very valuable so I don't want it to malfunction as a result of installing your script.

2) Where would the tréadas/posts/files posted on /int2/ be stored ?
Since you said it'd be a virtual category able to survive a deletion on the actual KC server.

clubb3rry Avatar


>1) Would it be fully be compatible with Dollchan ?
>Dollchan is very valuable so I don't want it to malfunction as a result of installing your script.
I'll try to do that. Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't realise the importance of it.

>2) Where would the tréadas/posts/files posted on /int2/ be stored ?
>Since you said it'd be a virtual category able to survive a deletion on the actual KC server.
I've got a server that runs a KC archive, I'll store the files there. I think the new script will also work with that archive, e.g. redirect there from KC when the thread is 404, and then allow you to post to /int2/ from the archived page. I've heared it doesn't work well with Dollchan, so I'll need to get that to work too.

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I made a thread last weak about ipfs, but almost all told me to fuck of or didn't like it. It could be used.

Sage because of that.

dutchnadia Avatar

>I've got a server that runs a KC archive, I'll store the files there. I think the new script will also work with that archive, e.g. redirect there from KC when the thread is 404, and then allow you to post to /int2/ from the archived page.
That's a cool feature. For redundancy you could also offer the possibility to somehow decentralise the storage onto the users' computers. For instance I routinely save tréadas via Chan Thread Watch. If I could do the same through your script, with the added benefit of having some sort of P2P chan feature, then I'd have an even bigger incentive to use said script.
However I realise it's an ambitious plan which'd require even more work, so maybe you could implent such a feature later - if you even find it interesting in the first place, that is.

karsh Avatar

What's IPFS kvinna ?

i_ganin Avatar

Are you mister?

If so, good job so far.

Tfw now next to KGB and BND also Bernd stores your every little post

mfacchinello Avatar

>>43478366 if you must know.

vovkasolovev Avatar

It sounds quite next-gen and efficient. It could probably used in conjuction with what RUbernd is working on.
So sorry that people didn't give your proposal the interest that it deserved. Thanks for pushing this idea once more.

chanpory Avatar

Why, what did they say? Do you have a link? Also, thanks for the infa, that protocol sounds interesting. Also, if that was you, thanks for the idea to use RetroShare, it was fun, I unironically regret that I didn't start a constant server back then. Cause I forgot the password, derp.

Yes, I've been thinking about that for years, but it has the down-sides: First, if I ever manage to save threads with js alone, that would be into the browser's LocalStorage, and that can be 10MB at best, so no pictures (although, a text-based board would be possible). And if that's more than JS, not many people will try to install it, let alone use it everyday. Then, P2P means everyone knows everyone else's ip, not everybody will sign up for that either.
I don't entirely understand your idea about using Chan Thread Watch. Do you mean, I should make the /int2/ script compatible with it so it can track it or do you suggest to make own tracker scripts like on Sosach and 4chan?

clubb3rry Avatar

Thank's Bernd, I'm glad to be helpful, also your favorable opinion is much appreciated.
Still, I think I could've done a better job and try to make it more stable.

Also, don't forget Google and the NSA

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guischmitt Avatar

Basically they couldn't be arsed and had to express it. Some had tried it though. I don't mind constructive posts but most weren't.

You can do interesting things like proxy.
The first one is from a local proxy and the second one is from a remote one. It is the same file.

Yes, RetroShare was fun. Too bad I was busy for some weeks and when I came back nobody was online. Maybe I should try to revive it.

markmushiva Avatar

You make good points.

To restate my idea, I was thinking that your script could :
A) Systematically save the tréadas on your server
B) Optionally save the same tréadas on people's computers

So, two backups at the same time, with one on a central server and another on a few decentralised computers.

Regarding the backup method : it's probably better to use the script alone for the sake of adoption rate and maintenance, but if it's limited to 10mb it's indeed a huge problem. Is it really not possible to tell the script to create a folder on the host computer ?

Else you might use CTW which is open source :
If you could modify it, so that it somehow communicates with your script, then the storage limitation would be solved.
In this situation, CTW would be in charge of tracking and saving the tréadas. Your script could then browse the saved folders in order to update and/or upload the files to other computers when necessary.

Or you might even write a standalone software which would use some of your script code and CTW code ?
That would mean more work and maybe even more difficulties regarding the adoption, but at the same time it could remove some headaches by starting the project on a blank page, thereby also making the maintenance easier.

Regarding the IP reveal : maybe it's possible to use some sort of IP obfuscating service ?

jamesmbickerton Avatar

> neither do they want to add captcha to slow the board down and make posts larger and more content rich
I'm sorry but that's a fucking awful idea

enriquemmorgan Avatar

Didn't know about Retroshare, looks promising.

Since he has toyed with the idea for years, I think RUbernd should really go ahead with the P2P option. It's a lot of work but at least it will be truly novel and interesting. It might also inspire other coders on the RUnet and beyond to further decentralise chan software. And the more people on P2P networks, the faster and more comfortable to use it becomes.

Agreed, I fucking hate this shit. It might have the accidental benefit of reducing the shitposting, but it's a damn hassle and a horribly philosophy.

enjoythetau Avatar

She's one of my favourite posters. So kind and nice.

guischmitt Avatar

Retroshare has been around for some time. It is a bit complicated to set up and Bernd obviously gave up. As I said I might make a thread some day or if anyone else cares to do it, but not tonight.

jpotts18 Avatar

Next time you might simply guide people to existing resources like and give additional tips not writtent in the documentation.

leandrovaranda Avatar

It has worked on every single board that I know. Of course, another option is to have the mods lock the shitthreads and ban for shitposts, but even if they could be arsed to, I'm not sure that the modern mods even know what those things are.

As far as I know, js can neither write into a random directory nor read from it. Otherwise every web site would steal everybody's /etc/shadow and write a virus into everybody's /vmlinuz or something. I couldn't even save the KC post form's attachment filename and store it back into that element cause it's dangerous, I had to clone the whole "Browse.." and then paste it back.
Those are interesting ideas, but what new functionality are you trying to achieve by adding all these features?
Thanks for suggesting using an IP obfuscating service. Can you use those for free and anonymously?

marrimo Avatar

That makes three of Russias alone already. And She's only made, like, one thread ever.

То чувство, когда ешь плавленный сыр с лисичками.

mwarkentin Avatar

>один тред
ты че
лисичка часто заходила сюда, не раз делала треды

enjoythetau Avatar

Pure love.

lisovsky Avatar

>лисичка по русcкий
>курка по польский
что здесь пошло не так

stayuber Avatar

А не похуй-ли?

langate Avatar

These P2P features could bring a few benefits on the top off my héda :
- Increased redundancy of file/tréadas storage
- Reduced reliance on KC's server which is know for failing at times
- Promotion/education/acceleration of decentralised Internet

About the IP obfuscation, I'm not a computer pro but apparently users could do it themselves (maybe automatically through your software and server) :

But if you use decentralised protocols, then they could be combined with Tor, like Retroshare :
In this case I imagine that a potential IP reveal would no longer be an issue.

scottgallant Avatar

I only remember one. What were the others about?
Я помню только один. Про что были другие треды?

Привет, Воячек! Не посчитай это за замечание, но, что парадоксально, "по-русски" и "по-польски" в русском пишется без "й" на конце, прост я подумал, что ты хотел бы это знать.

Pic related is cheese with the little fox mushrooms.

mhwelander Avatar

Не бойся, я пьяный как чеченец на европейском социале. Помню что это пишется без крактого "и" и с дефисом.

Все одинаковы, типа
>привет кейси я лисичка я такая ня-ня ошо *картинка с хоро*

motionthinks Avatar

Those all are interesting ideas, but I hope you understand that I'll first need to do the ones I'm already implementing, and then the ones that I'll get while implementig those and that make the first ones better, and only then will I be able to move on to implementing the more global things like the ones you pointed to.
But thanks for the links and for the idea about the decentralised chan. I think, now that I've got the taste of js coding with the /int2/ script, I'll actually try to implement that some time.

Did you try hiddenchan in the i2p or zerochan on the zeronet?

melvindidit Avatar

>and only then will I be able to move on to implementing the more global things like the ones you pointed to.
Of course ! It shall be a long, continual process. I'll be grateful for anything you develop. But if you can finally implement a P2P features later down the line, it'll be an achievement for you, cassé and the broader chan community.

>Did you try hiddenchan in the i2p or zerochan on the zeronet?
Never heard about them, sounds intredastingue zo. Maybe these projects can also inspire your future endeavours, at least on the technical side.

lisovsky Avatar


Пока думал, почему ты можешь быть пьяным, вспомнил, что я незаметно прохикковал новый год по-старому.

fffabs Avatar

Thanks for your support, and for your belief in my coding powers. I hope I don't ryssä it like all the rest of my projects.

husamyousf Avatar

Thanks for at least attempting to improve the chan community. You're already doing more than most here.

ionuss Avatar

>You're already doing more than most here.
While my peers are already... yeah, I'm pretty KC-tier.

Как жизнь? Устроился админом в Москве?

mr_arcadio Avatar


I mean, it sounds kind of funny - I MUST PROTECT THE CHANOSPHERE!!

But thanks for your support, I'm counting on you too. Somebody will need to use it, promote it a little, and test it, make posts and OC.

fatihturan Avatar

Yeah put this way it sounds funny indeed :DD

Not that chans are so precious that we need to save them from perishing (rather, it's us who're perishing due to chans ;_;)... but it's an interesting project and in the grand scheme of things it will indeed contribute to the wider evolution of the Internet.

chrstnerode Avatar

Lisiczka, ech lisiczka
Wirtualna księżniczka - lisiczka
Memesami brzęczący świt
Świadkiem był szczęścia chwil

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Почему лисишка?

jodytaggart Avatar

Lisitchka one love.

mj_berthelsen Avatar

А тебе лисы не нравятся?

steynviljoen Avatar

У них у половины бешенство, если что.

michigangraham Avatar

Did I just hear someone say Liszicska?

carlosgavina Avatar

Мне нравятся все животные но лисы как то банально
вообще мне бы не хотелось иметь прозвище но если бы пришлось я бы взяла волшебная радужная просфорка

safrankov Avatar

Красивый художник мне нравится как он рисует лица

haydn_woods Avatar

Ох, что сейчас начнется.

strikewan Avatar

the joke is that róka means liszicska in hungarian

joshclark17 Avatar

Ты понимаешь, что пишешь в тред, которому больше суток и на который всем срать?

cheezonbread Avatar

А если у людей рак и депрессия надо о них забыть и залезть темную дыру чтобы их не видеть?

Не банально для тебя было бы protomagicalgirl

Лисы чудесные животные, уважайте их

karsh Avatar

Мне поросята еще нравятся

herrhaase Avatar

> А если у людей рак и депрессия надо о них забыть и залезть темную дыру чтобы их не видеть?
Ты не смешивай нейровирус и генетический брак.

> Не банально для тебя было бы protomagicalgirl

> Лисы чудесные животные, уважайте их

millinet Avatar

Привет! В общем, я тут решил сделать более уютную борду специально для серьезных дискуссий и для таких милых постеров, как ты, а то сейчас здесь полно щитпостеров, которых не банят местные моды. Я ее еще не доделал, но надеюсь, что ты будешь иногда туда заходить. Я понимаю, что у тебя могло сложиться не очень впечатление об этом месте, но местные аноны не все грубые, есть и некоторые которые помнят старую атмосферу всеобщей любви, которая когда-то тут была. Вот их я и хочу позвать на эту борду. Ближе к НГ их обычно бывает больше, а потом они уходят. Это оффициальное(тм) приглашение. Алсо, запость что-нибудь, плс.

antonyryndya Avatar

> В общем, я тут решил сделать более уютную борду специально для серьезных дискуссий и для таких милых постеров
Поздравляю, ты изобрел ычан. И не надо ко-ко-ко про "там анальная мочерастия, а у меня такого не будет".
Нет, будет, и еще хуже.

tomgreever Avatar

Че за борда-то?

alexradsby Avatar

Смотртеь на поделки друзей это весело так что
вот рисунок и теперь я ухожу пока пока

eduardostuart Avatar

Спасибо, возвращайся завтра!

antonkudin Avatar