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/int/ 43461760: Wtf she doesn't even look black, why do Brits bully...

grafxiq Avatar

Wtf she doesn't even look black, why do Brits bully her? I am sure her kids will be ugly inbred redhead roaches

mwarkentin Avatar

the kids are going to be 86%ers and nothng of value will be lost

giuliusa Avatar

Enjoy it while it lasts.
Her accident in a few months will further the agenda.

doooon Avatar

Bri'un is still a very classist cun'ry. If you don't come from a noble background you're somewhat of an untermensch.

horaciobella Avatar

Who cares about royal family, how stupid can you be?

clubb3rry Avatar

It's 2018. The royals becoming progressive and preparing for future KANGZ is very relevant.

_kkga Avatar

Who gives a fuck about royalty anyway. Basically they are living on government assistance, i.e. welfare and burning coal