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/int/ 43461805: >Of course I am bringing of inanities Help me out...

kuldarkalvik Avatar

>Of course I am bringing of inanities
Help me out Russian speakers. Why do Russian speakers have so many problems with the "of" preposition.

axel_gillino Avatar

culture of inflected language

jamesmbickerton Avatar

They of different grammar. Culture of bad teachenings of Englishings.

n1ght_coder Avatar

Пиздоблядское мудопроёбище охуевающие от собственной невъебучести

velagapati Avatar

Talking without cases is uncomfortable, it feels ooga booga tier

Shriiiiimp Avatar

50% of imitation of English language with grammar illiteracy + 50% of grammar structure of mother tongue = Runglish.

darcystonge Avatar

Can you explain a bit more? What do you have instead of the "of" preposition?

Assume I know nothing about the Russian language (which is actually true).

betraydan Avatar

genitive case

m4rio Avatar

And what in particular about the "of" word makes it so difficult? It's just I notice it's such a feature of Runglish.

markolschesky Avatar

Also this -> >>43461873 of course

vj_demien Avatar

We use cases in many places where you use prepositions. So it's like imagine I told you you have to use a/the/an/etc. instead of some prepositions, but some prepositions are left untouched, and some are changed to other prepositions. It's very confusing when a familliar thing is used in a different way, but also the old way too.

madebyvadim Avatar

>makes it so difficult
It's don't. That's the result of bad english grammar + structure of russian language. We think on russian language, then translate it into english, the result is runglish.

vladarbatov Avatar

What do natives feel about too many "of" prepositions? Like in "contract of 2018 of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation"?

davidsasda Avatar

Untrue. Finnish is of having many inflections and we have no difficulty using correct prepositions in English. Commas and the choice between using or omitting the definite/indefinite article in English do cause us problems though.

yassiryahya Avatar

Can you make the sentence longer so I can get a sense of context?

joshjoshmatson Avatar

Finnish "inflections" are more similar to English prepositions than IE inflections.