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/int/ 43461913: Ottoman Grand Viziers

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I was looking at heritage of Ottoman Grand Viziers. Some facts:

There were 292 Viziers (not 292 persons, some viziers served twice or even more than 3 times). 133 of them were Turkish, 44 were Albanian and only 3 were Armenian and 9 were Greek. So rapebaby wewuzzing about Ottomans is not true at all

fact 2: Northern Caucasians and Caucasians in general were common for some reasons

fact 3: In Balkans, only 1 was Bulgarian, 5 were Serbian and 2 were Croatian. 44 were Albanian though I admire them.

fact 4: Turkish viziers were really rare from 1500s to 1600s for some reasons

fact 5: There are literal el goblinos among devshirmes. Albanian+Arab+Serb+Greek etc

fact 6: Even though Turks as a whole were the minority, Turks made the biggest percentage of Ottoman viziers.

Pic semi related

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>fact 4: Turkish viziers were really rare from 1500s to 1600s for some reasons

obviously there werent going to be foreign viziers before the great ottoman conquests, and probably neither many after the janissary crackdown

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>b-but your balkan/Greek elite! hurrr!
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Greeks were our harem slaves at best.

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Also there were 13 Georgians, 9 Abazins.

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There's a reason we call them "slavs"


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Oh and almost forgot, only 4 were Bosnian btw

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> fact 4: Turkish viziers were really rare from 1500s to 1600s for some reasons
What does that mean?

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Probably something related to Anatolian Turkmen chimpouts in Anatolia. From 1400s to 1600s nomadic Turkmens and Turks were constantly revolting. The revolts were called "Jelali revolts". Ottomans probably decided not to take any Turks in, because Turks would sympathize with the revolters. A Croatian called Kuyucu Murat was appointed to stop the revolts for good for example.

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revolts were right though, sunnist policy make turmens turn against the country. also around late 1500's there are reports bosphorus sea has been frozen so probably no harvest lead to poorness and the beylerbeyi demanded sipahi soldiers and tax anyway.

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yes revolts were mostly caused by economic reasons. Pasture failed the nomads and taxation+drought didn't help settled Turks much so they took up arms and fought against Ottomans

result is: Shia Turkmens migrated to Azerbaijan and Iran to help Safavids form their empire and K*rds are the majority in Eastern Anatolia now thanks to that.

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>100% turkish devshirme
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ottoman empire is project of italian city states and republics
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>viziers have to be devshirme

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>sunnist policy
Sunnist policy was only instated because the safavids began to draw nomadic turks to their side and basically started what is now known as insurgency.

One of the biggest clashes was that the Ottoman government at the time was centralizing their kingdom and the nomads did not like it.

Ottomans were lucky that a man of Selim the Grims stature became sultan.