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/int/ 43461976: If Trump had called Russia 'a shithole', those ...

kershmallow Avatar

If Trump had called Russia 'a shithole', those sanctimonious cunts would've had no problem with it.

markgamzy Avatar

russia is a shithole

csswizardry Avatar

Why are Russians so obsessed with "hypocrisy" and "double standards" as if they're devoid of those?

krdesigndotit Avatar

he also would have been right

wtrsld Avatar

culture of whatabout

davidsasda Avatar

stop russophobia

areus Avatar

I know that Rusiia is a shithole, thank you very much. My question was not about this, can you get it?

joe_black Avatar

Their only problem is that the countries which he called a shithole are inhabited by niggers. That is their only problem. They don't care about these shitholes they only care about scandalizing it because due to nigger population they can call him a racist.

joynalrab Avatar

And yes you are right they would have not cared if he had called russia a shithole.

cat_audi Avatar

This is the cutiest tiger I ever seen. Tfw no cute pet tiger ;_;

thinkleft Avatar


I am sick of the left distorting the facts.

Let's face it, Trump is probably a racist. But the FACT is that he called some countries "shitholes". He didn't call them "niggerland" or anything racist.

And the SECOND fact is, the countries he was talking about are OBJECTIVELY bad places. They have serious problems and life there is difficult. Trump can legitimately call them "shitholes" without being racist at all.

chrstnerode Avatar

that tiger makes me hard

scottgallant Avatar

USA is shithole, Russian just managers it better

alexradsby Avatar

Russia is a shithole.

cmzhang Avatar

But there is something those other countries have that you don't: hope

1markiz Avatar

They'd complain about Trump trying to start war with Russia instead.

xspirits Avatar

I remember how they started crying that things have already changed and murrica is already ruined RUINED! after trump had been elected. The thing is obema was still in office at the time :DDD

chanpory Avatar

That's half true

Russia doesn't manage their shithole better

coreyhaggard Avatar

what would happen if trump called russia niggerland?

ionuss Avatar


WTF do you mean?

Do you mean the emotion called "hope" ?

I can feel that emotion any time I want. Here, I'm doing it now. Look at me!

Surely you know that people can control their emotions? It's what actors DO all day. We can all feel some "hope" whenever we like.


by "hope" do you mean "a reasonable expectation that things will get better" ?

Well, in that case, we might reasonably ask why they didn't get better YET.