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ryanmclaughlin Avatar

When it comes to tea, I prefer speciality blends from the tea store in town, dried and made in-house. But when it comes to teabags, Celestial Seasonings is really good. They make great blends with lots of taste. Lemon ginseng and peach camomile are especially good.

Yogi Tea is also a good brand, their Chinese and Mongolian blends are great. Because I drink so much tea, I prefer bags for everyday use, and dried leaves when I really want to enjoy it. In summer, I have fresh peppermint in my garden. They can be put directly in hot water. Peppermint is without a doubt my favourite flavour of tea.

I prefer my tea either unsweetened or with a teaspoon of honey. Never plain sugar, the sweetness of the honey is less crass and melds better with the tea. I take no milk in it.

I can't sleep well without a cup of tea before bed.
How about you bernd, do you like tea?

newbrushes Avatar

If you actually drink much tea, just learn how to make it properly chinese style.
Let this tea autist explain it to you:
Learning how to make tea properly changed my tea consumption.

thehacker Avatar

No, I am not autistic about it. I just enjoy tea.
Changing my habits to suit the likes of someone else won't make me happy or make me enjoy it more.

kennyadr Avatar

>dried and made in-house
how is this possible when tea has to be dried directly after harvest

i don't think tea plants grow in norway

smaczny Avatar

How do I into culture of tea? I like tea but I just make teabag tea with boiling water. Celestial Seasonings is indeed breddy gud

joshuapekera Avatar

I usually drink coffee, but tea is nice once in a while.

I like this in particular.

pehamondello Avatar

I wouldn't expect someone who's too dumb to tell two countries with different flags apart to understand this, and I honestly doubt you have the mental capacity required to grasp it, but tea which is grown elsewhere still needs to be treated and mixed, in order to create a good blend. These are made by tea specialists.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

buy tea
buy stainless steel tea thing
put tea in it
follow directions on tea package

starburst1977 Avatar

But blended tea is like blended coffee.


uxdiogenes Avatar

I just throw a bag of cheap earl grey to hot water and then dump half bucket or Russian honey in it.


dmackerman Avatar

Your own fault.
It tastes better this way.

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I had blarney and sons in Britain, and there was one restaurant here that had it. But otherwise I can’t find it anywhere in town.

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“When the sun comes over that mountain, these hills sing.”