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/int/ 43462378: Suggest me games like these

rahmeen Avatar

About one year ago a bernd made a thread about Master of Magic and King of Dragon pass. I got intrigued and got them myself. I have played both for hundreds of hours and love them. Best games I have ever played. Do you know any games like these?

I already know Age of Wonders series that is like MoM(AoW 3 is good) and Thea - the awakening for King of dragon pass.

adewaleolaore Avatar

> Do you know any games like these?
Nope. They have been many attempts at recreating MoM but all bretty much failed (turned out worse than the original).
Such caseys.

kimcool Avatar

What about King of Dragon pass? I actually prefer it over MoM. Doesn't have that all mighty wizard lord feel but the atmosphere, lore and art is amazing.

craighenneberry Avatar

Endless Legend for Master of Magic. Maybe Dominions to a certain degree, but I didn't play it enough to understand.
KoDP is way more unique, I know of RPGs that take the written-gameplay approach but no other strategy game.

to_soham Avatar

Dominions looks interesting. The fourth one in particular. Should I play them all or are there just a couple good ones?

Oh and please share the RPGs that take the written-gameplay approach. I liked how King of Dragon pas and Thea did it.

franciscoamk Avatar


Sunless sea

souperphly Avatar

Already own it and the DLC and have explored everything at least twice.

sketi_ndlela Avatar

Warlock: Master of the arcane

fritzronel Avatar

>King of Dragon Pass

great game tbh. have never been able to find anything else like it for mobile

samscouto Avatar

I tried it and it seemed like a low budget AoE 3 to me. Is it actually good?

otozk Avatar


Multiplayer only but setting is so rich you can imagine anything really

albertodebo Avatar

Yeah I am already looking onto it because other bernd mentioned it. Is it true that the devs just add more stuff and slap a new number to the game when they release a new one so I should just get the fifth one?

lisovsky Avatar

Yep. I'm only around since the 3rd one, but difference between 3rd and 4th one was really shallow, and 5th looked like same shit but with a little bit different mechanics, so just buy the latest one, spend a week on manual and tutorials and then enjoy.

t. spent hundreds of hours on it

katiemdaly Avatar

I played dominions (and only 4) for some minutes only, not enough time to actually understand the mechanics and etc so can't help much.
Darklands is an early 90s german CRPG set on the Holy Roman Empire, apart from the combat and map traveling you make all actions by menu. Age of Decadence is a recent one, it's turn based and while you can explore the locations walking manually there's no real reason to, it's always better to just do these actions when they appear in the dialogue. Mount and Blade also does this to a minor degree.

sementiy Avatar

I know Darklands but have never played it. Have played through Age of Decadence with pretty much every single settis possible. Most recent one was when I did loremaster who cleared every single skill check except the hardest speech and streetwise ones and all combat encounters(high dex with crossbows + alchemy is overpowered).

velagapati Avatar

Yes, especially with expansions. It copies Master of Magic a bit.

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sudden bump

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I'm trying to learn Dominion 5 at the moment and it seems good thus far. Going to make a death spell wizard god and summon an army of skeltons.