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/int/ 43462398: What is bernd do at this saturday night? Me celebra...

iqbalperkasa Avatar

What is bernd do at this saturday night?

Me celebrate old New Year

Alone ofc

Mood -

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I'm watching the Superbowl quarterfinals.

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Alcohol is bad for you.

You could get friend for emotional support me

n_tassone Avatar

Listening to jazz fusion and about to take a shit:

My mouse is switching itself off so I can't play any games. Tried changing batteries but no good. I suffer.

>Me celebrate old New Year

I'm confused, isn't Orthodox Christmas in February?

freddetastic Avatar

I am writing an pornographic short story about a anthropomorphic cassette player masturbating with a cassette of buyer's market.

saarabpreet Avatar

You can't selebrate Old New Year in xoxolia, it's unpatriotic. You even have Christmas at the same day as western faggot now. Sad.

likewings Avatar

(Orthodox) Christmas December 25 (January 7 by Julian calendar)
(Old) New Year December 31- January 1 (January 13-14 by Julian calendar)