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/int/ 43462536: no one cares about you they just want to use you...

iamkarna Avatar

no one cares about you they just want to use you

bluesix Avatar

some of them want to get used by you

bassamology Avatar

It's ok. I just use them as well.

arashmanteghi Avatar

Its no ok. what if you cant use them too?

joemdesign Avatar

Then they're useless to you and you need to minimize contacts with them.

polarity Avatar

sweet dreams are made of these

nerrsoft Avatar

joke's on them, i'm useless

crhysdave Avatar

some of them want to abuse you

syntetyc Avatar


Every interaction is you using people as well though, whether it be to feel connected, to acquire goods and services, etc.

even unsolicited impositions from strangers (charity vultures, street sellers) unless you completely ignore them you’re using your interaction with them to be able to tell yourself you’re a good polite person.

Every interaction you “fail” at you use to tell yourself you’re bad at interacting with people.

Everybody uses people, OP wants to believe he’s any different but it’s just depressive narcissism.

mat_stevens Avatar

some of them want to be abused