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> Be Dr Bennet omalu
> Be a Death Stripper in Nigeria with some 7 university degrees
> did not change the American lifestyle and work in Pittsburgh as a Death Struggle
> you will be brought by a former American football player Mike webster who will inexplicably kill something about 50 years of illness that resembles Alzheimer's, but there are no signs of brain injury here
> Survive after numerous studies that many thousands of years of stroke may have caused the death of the brain blocked slowly inward
> research further, name the disease as a chronic traumatic encephalopathy and publish the study
<yeah this is something unscientific shit and so on
> shortly after playing another American football, the icebreaker gets caught up and runs in the coming lane on a lively highway that crashes after the dead dies
> can be attributed to CTE
<yeah i'm a sad kebab but there is no other connection to each other. NFL
> The third icebreaker scares and kills himself
> omalu looks at the ice and finds that this is also due to cte
> soon in New York times makes the front page of the story can cte be true
> At this point, the heat of nfl is already infernal, so something has to be done
> The FBI accuses more than 70 offenses and here's trying to put pressure on a person to step down from the role of a deadly investigator: "D"
> nfl is injecting some of its own research committee in which a rheumatoid arthritis, who has an arthritis, finds that there is no connection to premature death for tens of thousands of attacks
> Asia does not think that it can withstand pressure and the big masses can distort the facts
> takes three years
> The former player of the nfl leader fights and shoots himself into the heart leaving behind his brain for examination
> the issue again comes to the public
> chronic traumatic encephalopathy is found to be a legitimate disease
> In any case, nfl was negotiated with a hell of a dime that released them from the obligation to report because they learned of CTE
> this all in the 21st century

Every hell in American football is also played in such a game (ebony wood leg), so do mice like some oil industry? : D

<The picture is related to the fact that it comes from a movie starred by Smith

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4chan copy n paste

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is not?

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the fuck is this

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nigga this isn't ylilauta

literally proceed to kys yourself

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