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jonkspr Avatar

How to get into sunflower seed chewing. I have seen it recommended here before for people trying to stop smoking. Share any tips and tricks.

t. get mad urges for snus always when drunk and can't resist every single time even though I stopped year ago

markmushiva Avatar

>sunflower seed chewing
Do you mean just eating sunflower seeds? Because that's a tasty snack, and nothing something you need to get into.

vickyshits Avatar

Buy a pack of seeds, open them and eat them.
Easy as that.

albertodebo Avatar

I don't understand how just snacking on sunflower seeds would help with the urges and thus I came to the conclusion that there must be some kind of ritual to it.

alexcican Avatar

Also do they just sell them at the dry foods shelves of normal grocery stores or what?

millinet Avatar

I would imagine that keeping yourself occupied with shelling and eating them might distract you from cravings? I don't know, I've never had nicotine cravings.

Around here you can find them in any grocery store, or even convenience stores/gas stations.

urbanjahvier Avatar

Ask agent Mulder instead

xarax Avatar

Yeah that shelling part sounds like it. I don't get that nicotine craving anymore, just that feeling of having a cigarette on your hand or a bag on my gums so the shelling seems to me like it could act as a replacement for it.