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/int/ 43463305: Do we have day traders on KC? Sounds like the ultimate...

mshwery Avatar

Do we have day traders on KC?
Sounds like the ultimate high risk high reward comfy hobby for Bernd.

ryandownie Avatar

crypto is the new day trading, with bigger risks.

trueblood_33 Avatar

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about but not limited to crypto.

millinet Avatar

> comfy
more like ultra-heatenings

garand Avatar

>not being a warlord yet
>100% profit margin, 100% risk
the ultimate gamble

shalt0ni Avatar

My roommate is a professional high frequency trader. Sounds like shit though.

canapud Avatar

What makes him a professional?

cat_audi Avatar

The average crypto trader is so bad, that it hurts. They only make money, because being crypto long is an abviously good strategy latelly. Over the past few months it was impossible to lose money, if you don't panic sell.

albertodebo Avatar

He works at a company, not just at home. He also has some licenses, like you can normally not just buy stocks from the exchanges for example, you would have to go through a broker, he and his firm can do it directly.

What they do is pretty low risk and simple though, but still very profitable.

remiallegre Avatar

This thread fits my interests.

Also, I am currently making around 45.000 BRL/month (after taxes). But my lifestyle is too expensive (help family members) and don't really have a savings or investment account. My bank has already made a lot of offers but I don't trust them.

How can I invest this money in a safe but with moderate earnings way?

jasontdsn Avatar

The absolute standard, time proven way are ETFs. Something like SP500, DAX, maybe some emerging markets.

leelkennedy Avatar

Is it easy to learn and go through it without professional help?

grrr_nl Avatar

And this will be relativelly safe, but you could still lose money, there is no guarantee. But it was all very stable in the long run.

raquelwilson Avatar

Why day trade when you can Chad hodl?
t. approaching 800$ ROI since April

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Just don't do it manually, write yourself a bot in python for example and make a lot of backtesting for your strategies. There is absolutely no advantage in doing it manually.

safrankov Avatar

Yes it's very easy. Just google something like SP500 ETF and see if that is something you want. The risk is not absolutelly 0 though.
ETFs are basically just passivelly managed funds, that will for example just buy stocks from the top 500 US companies, which is relativelly safe and made ok profits over the years. It's probably the most popular beginner startegy and there are very few funds that can actually beat that strategy.

katiemdaly Avatar

Also this can of course make some money in the short term, but it's aimed more at periods of like 10 years minimum.

agromov Avatar

Nice, I am gonna search for it. Thank you Bernd.