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So i decided to stop being a soyboy faggot and take up fighting classes.
Problem is i don't know what is considered a meme fighting style and what is not. I want something that would be viable in a street fight and possibly let me take on multiple opponents with enough training.
So far i have a few in mind including Muay Thai, Krav Maga and possibly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Did bernd ever take fighting lessons? What are your experiences?

meisso_jarno Avatar

krav maga is a jewish scam. do wrestling and boxing

herrhaase Avatar

I've been training bjj for some years now. I higly recommend it. Not sure if it is good against multiple opponents though, so if you can do two, I would say bjj and boxing.

javorszky Avatar

I have considered boxing but it seems they do not utilize kicks and only train in punches. I feel like using your legs is important especially in a street fight.

joshhemsley Avatar

M Thai, BJJ, and Kickboxing are probably highest tier for generic fighting

If you want to just train your body and become less of a twink, something like classic JJ + Judo is good too, JJ has few fancy stuff but teaches all martial arts basics and Judo is good for both balance and close quarters.

Also before you say "Judo doesn't hit though, can it really hurt", get thrown onto a tatami and then imagine the same thing on concrete in the street. Judo is brutal.

wiljanslofstra Avatar

Eliot Rodgers also went to the karate clases

alek_djuric Avatar

Many years ago I wanted to do Arnis/Escrima because of exactly your reasons OP

jffgrdnr Avatar

Fighting is the stupidest sport a man can possibly choose

>be gifted by nature with human hands, the pinnacle of evolution, most sophisticated tool know to a man that is capable of creating beautiful works of art, playing music performing complex surgical operations
>decide to use them to smash other peoples faces in until they both turn into half dead lumps of meat and bones

Why is everything that is considered masculine also self destructive?

marshallchen_ Avatar

Just do boxing. Good punches will help you the most in a street fight. If you maneuver a guy onto the ground in such a fight, his friends will just kick you on the ground.

t. no experience with any of this

grrr_nl Avatar

This seems cool but i doubt i will find any good schools for this plus it emphasizes use of weapons instead of just hand to hand combat. If i wanted to use weapons i would just carry a gun.
Yes my main goal is to train my body to the fullest potential i will look into it.

pjnes Avatar

No I don't have terrible insecurities.

juaumlol Avatar

It is not about insecurities.
Being able to defend yourself is one of the basic skills a man should learn.

mutlu82 Avatar

ordinary boxing is fine

bruno_mart Avatar

Defending what? Your fragile masculinity?

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Classic wrestling is good, but also very gay. I dont know if there are courses to use it in self defense, probably not, but that would be great because it's super effective.

sava2500 Avatar

>fragile masculinity

I'm not OP but it sounds like you're a woman or possibly a homosexual. Being able to handle yourself in a fight is a useful skill because it provides you with an added sense of security in social intercourse, even if you never have to use it.

joshuapekera Avatar

You will probably let your girl get raped in front you without doing shit.

BrianPurkiss Avatar


Boxing is useful in that it will accustom you to getting hit in the head if nothing else.