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/int/ 43463535: H&M Stores Trashed in Anti-Racism Protest

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Two outlets of Swedish retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB in South Africa were trashed in an anti-racism protest by the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters party on Saturday, broadcaster eNCA reported.

The targeted stores are in shopping malls in Johannesburg’s financial district, Sandton, and the capital, Pretoria, eNCA reported on its website, showing pictures of mannequins and clothes scattered on the floor. This is part of a nationwide protest by the EFF against an ad for a child’s sweater which was seen as racist. Demonstrations were also taking place at other malls in the Gauteng province, eNCA said.

H&M this week pulled the garment in question from its stores and apologized. An image in its online store showed a black child modeling a hoodie with the text “coolest monkey in the jungle,” causing a social-media storm and prompting Canadian musician The Weeknd to end his collaboration with the Stockholm-based company.

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i really doubt it was intentional

this is what it takes to get niggers to go apeshit a poorly thought out advertisement. What a time to be alive.

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remember when like 8 muslim countries devolved into mass riots costing billions of dollars because some tard in california made an anti-mohammad youtube video which got like 150 views?

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I still don't get it. The problem is that he isn't the coolest one?

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while this is funny I don't know why its making the hourly news in aus

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Remember when a Danish cartoonist drew a cartoon of mohammed?

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love to protest racism by substantiating the claims of racists

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Serves them right. All swedes and all whiteys should apologize on their knees to black people.

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least cool monkeys in the jungle