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I wonder, how it feels like to live all alone by yourself 24/7, with no human contact whatsoever? Except people from work, laundry or grocery store ofc.

t. 25 and plans to move out in the future after finishing uni and getting job

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not that bad, you can post on kc 24/7 so you don't feel alone
t. doer of this

carlyson Avatar

It rapidly causes your mental health to decline.

chrisvanderkooi Avatar

the privilege of ugly men
not having women around to disturb

oscarowusu Avatar

I wish I was alone. I live with a rommate and now his gf, it's hell.

solid_color Avatar

it is pretty boring most of the time, you get paranoid because of the silence.

leelkennedy Avatar

I always wanted to live alone, then I moved into a shared flat.
It's good to have people around you, so you're not all by yourself and have some basic human contact.
Also if you're not in the mood for social interactions you can just stay in your room.
It's even better if you have flatmates you like with similiar interests and lifestyle, I wouldn't want to miss that.
I plan to live alone when finishing uni.

llun Avatar

Flatmates are shit. I want to go to the kitchen and cook and then I see my roommate cuddling with his gf, annoys me.
Or before she lived here, he was in the living room cuddling with other girls.
And she always asks me absolutelly annoying questions, I just want to be alone sometimes.

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I've done it for almost 10 years. It's not good and it does have a negative affect on your mental health. For the first 5 years I was okay with it and handled it well, but the last 4 years I've been deteriorating to the point I've been seriously considering moving back with my Mum.
It sucks because I'm 32 years old.

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Maybe having a family would be good. But flatmates are not the solution at some point, that is for 18 yo students, not for grown men.

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That sounds really bad, but not all flatmates are like this.
Here fuggenings or similiar things only happen in personal rooms, kitchen is only used for eating, talking and smoking.
Maybe talk with your flatmate about it, that it annoys you that they're cuddling in the kitchen?

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how do you manage this? how do you survive? what is your job?

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Thanks to all the Bernds who posted ITT so far.

How do you do the usual household work, i.e. clean your toilet, kitchen, wash your clothes etc.? Do you have a spreadsheet to take account of all your spendings?

How so? You could play some music in low volume to kill silence, for example.

Sometimes when I'm bored I just play classical music and pretend I'm the conductor, it's one of my autismus.

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I already told him, but all he said was
>well what can I do, she just climbs on top of me
My situation is just fucked I think, this is not like a student dorm where there are many people and some rules get established, it's basically 2 vs 1 and if I say anything I am the weird autist.
But with my former flatmates there were also problems, like for example none of them wants to clean the appartment.
I will be moving in 2 weeks anyway, so I don't see the point in a confrontation at this point. My current flatmate is really an asshole though. At some point I had to go to the cellar and I just discovered his gf's furniture there. When I asked him why it was there, he even said there was no real reason xD Of course 1 month later she moves in.
I know this is not a normal situation, but I am still happy, that I will have my own flat soon.

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it would be pure suffering

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Those guys also still seem to think, that we live in some teenage comedy or something. They will just come into my room and when I tell them they should knock they will ask me, wtf were you masturbating ot what? xD
Even if I tell them, that I really was masturbating, they will just say it doesn't bother them and start telling me some shit.
It would be hard for me to comletelly cut ties with them, because my friends are good guys, but they just can't accept boundaries, so I need a ock on my door.

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I'm the guy who looks after disabled people, if you remember. I had to take time off for a month for being depressed. I'm back in now though.

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>Maybe having a family would be good

I dunno. I'm not sure I would be able to cope with it in my current state.

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Well, if you move out anyways then it doesn't really matter anymore I guess.

I know that, often my door gets knocked but at least they stay out if I say "no" for whatever reason.
It happened a few times though that they didn't really get my answer I tend to be not understandable sometimes so I had to pull up my pants in the middle of the act while seeing how the door handle gets pushed down. :DD

franciscoamk Avatar

Having a family has it's own problems, I don't want it right now either. But that at least would be kind of an option for me for the future, all this dorm stuff, flatmate stuff, is definitelly over forever.

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I lived like this for a bit. Pseudo-neet, sometimes a month, sometimes a week.
It's okay. When you are around people 24/7 bernd introverts usually will want to switch off and just have some time to do their own shit so at first it really is nice. Nowadays you have lots of media and forums etc to keep you going but it's easy to get bored too. It's easy for all the days to become one big mass and for sleep patterns to completely go out of wack, I remember sometimes in December there were a couple of days where I saw no sunglight. You have lots of time to think about things in general in quiet, sometimes it's good for making plans and being focused other times you feel like a depressed piece of shit for ending up in such a situation in the first place. I was mentally ok, I had preparation - I wasn't bullied at all in school but almost everyone simply avoided me and treated me like I wasn't there, sometimes they called me 'Ghost' because they didn't notice I entered a room.

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Sounds really bad indeed, specially for a Bernd. Living with a kein flatmate seems worse than living with parents I guess.

A question, do you visit your mom once in a year at least?

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It's good for meeting strangers on grindr or bringing some guy from the bar home. But it's a pretty lonely experience. Sex with strangers cannot replace a longterm relationship.

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>Well, if you move out anyways then it doesn't really matter anymore I guess.
Probably, but then he will still be my friend, I wonder if I should still confront him directly, but he doesn't seem to listen. It has actually bothered me for weeks now, he could at least have told me that his gf is planning to move in. I wanted to open a thread about it at some point, but it's really just a blog post, I have been a bit off topic in this thread, I hope it wasn't too annoying.

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Anyone have any more neet/basement dweller images?

andrewofficer Avatar

>Household Work
Weekends for cleaning. At first I didn't really feel bothered to do anything because there was no-one to judge me but after a while it just becomes too uncomfortable.
Depends on the situation, if I'm running low I keep all my receipts etc and enter the numbers into excel

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Is it better to flat or to live alone?
t. questions frohg

Bernd Avatar

> with no human contact whatsoever except dozens of people every day

dmackerman Avatar

>to flat
Stop making up verbs, it's not cute.

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*Is flatting better than living alone?
Happy now you fucking autist?

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Is there some howto on household_chores.jpg?

I simply can't clean bathroom properly. I don't know which product to use for toilet, bath, sink... floors.

joynalrab Avatar

A detergent like Domestos is good for clearing toilet, also can be used to mop floors with. Also I find these cleaning wipes you get in stores to be really handy.

davidtoltesy Avatar

I am lucky having the shower near the toilet.
I fucking shower the whole bathroom with the hose when cleaning it.

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I wrote that because there's a huge difference between human contact from a person from inside your home (parents, flatmates) and from an almost unknown, unrelated person from outside (colleagues from work, cashiers).

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> Except people from work

If you get on with your co-workers and work in a job where you can chat it's not too bad.

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I second this.

The image is pretty true. If I would not have a couple of good friends and a GF live would be exactly like this. But I would choose it anytime over a shared flat.

For me this was fun at first. But after three years it was just pure nuisance. I've been living in shared flats for roughly 10 years. At the end it was just annoying. E>>43464033specially after I started working. Loud noise at night, suprise guests, other peoples problems that somehow become my problems, discussions about houshold matters all the time, blocked kitchen when you need it etc. etc.

I think it's only fun if you don't have real responsibilities in life and no real expectations (yet) of life and your livingspace.

You need to man up and tell people where the limit is. Especially in shared flats. Otherwise this will continue in your life forever. I promis. Took me long enough to stand up to things I don't like. And let me tell you it's 100% better not giving a fuck about the butthurtness of other people. Just tell them what you think in a respective, direct and calm manner. It's something you maybe need to train. But it's worth it.

Image related: It's one of those "nice" kitchens of my shared flats

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Posting the few ones I have.

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Also, do Bernds here who live alone have at least a pet (cat or dog) to cuddle when you feel sad/lonely? I think this is an essential item since it helps immensely.

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I thought about it, but I think it would be more humanitarian to have 2 pets at once so they have some companionship if I am away for any reason.

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obrigado meu macaco.

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Perhaps there's an infographic somewhere on the net, we just haven't found it yet.

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>living with parents
>doing college

Typical white Brazilian soyboy on imageboards.

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>doing college

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Thanks to my parents I can live alone. Back when I lived with them I just loved it to have the flat alone for myself, nobody bothers you. I was 13/14 when they left for a week vacation and I experienced it first hand.

Anway, I have friends and gf. So I see people. I have no friends in uni, just some people I sometime exchange a few words because we had group works together. My work is mostly done alone, so there is barely any talking with colleagues.

Living alone can be heaven and hell.
Heaven because you nobody bothers you with any (annoying) shit. If your flat is ´becomes a shithole, it is your fault and only yours I have problems with keeping it clean but that is personal issue for everyone

It can be hell when you bunker yourself in too much and the silence gets awkward. nobody will care or react to yourself lying in bed all day feeling like shit.

I'm torn between living alone forever so I don't have to bother with any human interaction wont kys any time soon and craving interaction, this also is mirrored in my attitude of living alone.

I want my private space and I don't think a shared flat will offer that but you can close durr hurr durr...yeah nah, I still can hear people and all that, it is just not the same, the kitchen could make you interact.
But I guess I have to do it if I plan on leaving my home town and I kind of want to experience it maybe once. Atm I'm too anxious to do it and leave for a new town, I have to finish my bachelor first anyway.

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Nobody cares about your shitty Britshit English.

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> an almost unknown, unrelated person from outside (colleagues from work)

Be honest, are you some kind of an alien doing research on humans?

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I'm doing this now, have been since June last year. You tend to get sick of your own company sometimes, but the benefits outweigh the negatives

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I live alone in this cottage on a small island in Washington where all of my neighbors are retirees. Out of the 900 residents I'm one of only a handful of adults in their 20's. Lonely doesn't even describe it right, I was at the library the other day and I was only person in the whole place who didn't have gray/white hair.r8

mr_arcadio Avatar

I care, my English worsened a lot since I visited this place.

joeymurdah Avatar

I think I would eventually commit suicide if I were to live in such a place.

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Yeah, they have fake accents and speak all wrong but think they are cultured while at it.

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If you have nothing relevant to add to the discussion then fuck off.

I thought a lot about this.
Since I have no friends and no gf and never going to have, and since the only people who genuinely care about me are my parents and they will probably die in my lifetime, I think a must-have is a backup plan, something you can take when you feel like going insane (alzheimer, schizophrenia) since there will be no one to take care of you.

Maybe keeping some capsules of cyanide, nembutal or just a firearm or a tight rope will do just fine.

arashmanteghi Avatar

Me too, I'm going to move to Victoria, Canada in a year.

cat_audi Avatar

I don't know. Most of the time I really feel like an alien, I just can't relate to people because they're all normalfags doing normalfag things.

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it is don't
Very painful way to die.

chatyrko Avatar

It feels like shit.
t. has done that

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Shit, sorry for the misquote.

The first reply was to >>43464521 and the second one was to >>43463908. My bad.

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According to this table, cyanide is indeed painful but a guaranteed way to die, after the one by shotgun. Too bad firearms are banned in my country and you must have to live in a favela and have contacts to get it illegally, the same with drugs.

nicoleglynn Avatar

You can't even buy a gun, sheltered little fuck. You don't deserve to die. You deserve to suffer.

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You have nothing better to do with your time besides shitposting and making bernds miserable, you nigger? At least it's what it seems.

Also thanks for bumping my thread, retardado.

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Just get some CO2 or NO2 lead it into a bag and put your head in it.

Sleep tight - no pain.

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You're welcome. Many years of failure and disgrace to you, bro!

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I guess the best method is the one where I can sleep tight and wake up no more.

>Many years of failure and disgrace to you

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I've been living alone for about 5 years now. It's honestly kinda depressing unless you're regularly communicating with people via voice chat or something more than just texting. I now try not to come home before 8 or 9 on weekdays, and go out on weekends - its expensive but mental health suffers when isolated.

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