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/int/ 43464101: Typical Jewish family in Poland in 1900. Do you know th...

herrhaase Avatar

Typical Jewish family in Poland in 1900. Do you know that 95% of Jews living here were as poor or poorer than Gypsies back then?

uxdiogenes Avatar

crazy how they went from abject poverty in Eastern Europe to joining the American intelligentsia in the span of a single generation. jews truly are the chosen people tbh

kennyadr Avatar

Those who are influential in the US are strict elite. Those ones in Poland were mostly a Jewish plebs. The difference between Jews and Poles in context of WW2 is that they lost in war mostly plebeian class, while we lost mostly intelligentsia.

pf_creative Avatar

Interesting. Everyone talks about Russia's suffering, but Poles as a nation suffered just as much if not more in recent history.

adammarsbar Avatar

> Everyone talks about Russia's suffering

Shitty bait

kriegs Avatar


To be fair, many Haredi and Hasidic Jews in western Europe and the US are still relatively poor as fuck now.