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vladyn Avatar

Whenever I watch Scandi TV and films they depict themselves as remarkably bydlo and simple people, but when I've personally encountered them abroad they are so advanced and highbrow that they almost seem like aliens in comparison to me or anyone else.

thehacker Avatar

Every Scandi I've ever met was some awkward loser. Maybe you're just easily impressed

bassamology Avatar

I was talking to a Scandi yesterday and he was quoting Philosophers like I should know who they are.
I never fucking read Camus.

smaczny Avatar

I remember being at a business class lounge in Frankfurt and encountering a real life Norwegian, he had an expensive looking designer leather carry-on bag with a little Norwegian flag pin, dressed business casual in a high quality looking black turtleneck sweater and dark grey slacks, dark brown leather shoes, all very clean and crisp, hair perfectly combed, face perfectly shaved, glasses very modern and well suited to his face. I felt quite creatura in that moment.

a_harris88 Avatar

did you rape him then throw his body on the highway, Mr Ted Bundy?

madebyvadim Avatar


No but I sat staring at him for 5 minutes wondering what to say to start a conversation. I wanted to make the acquaintance of such a person.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

is this pasta

falvarad Avatar

If Scandis are so cool, why am I posting here at 4am xD

craigelimeliah Avatar

All non-whites should be removed from Europe and Scadis should colonize the new clay.
Goodbye Gypsies, Slavs, Turks, Jews.

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

Because you're a Balkan immigrant.