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Pic related is what happens when Bernd decides to become an YouTube personality.


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Uh, monkey?

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Kraut and Tea?
What about him?
Never followed him, I am a true thunderf00t fan.

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I prefer Sagon of Akkad

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He got btfo from the Internet and made a fool of himself to even his entire audience for being a phony accent iq89 europeon.

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>I prefer Le Insufferable Sarcasm Man

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he got BTFO hard by Richard Spencer

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Kraut and Tea is a typical anti-Islam Jew -- viciously attack Islam for the things it gets right and also oppose nationalists who want to stop nonwhite immigration.

There's nothing KC-tier about this guy besides his social retardation. Kraut and Tea is emotional rather than systematic.

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Overreacts to criticism? Check
Incapable of arguing and providing real counter arguments? Check
Wants a circlejerk to agree with him and provide tips/information? Check
Makes a fool of himself online? Check
Loves to "analize" things and show how intelligent he is? Check

Looks pretty KC tier to me.

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Not really though.

Spencer is a shockingly illiterate guy. Also, not sure, but he appears to have a drinking problem, not that I would blame him for it but still.

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The fact that bernds fanboy these pseudo-intellectual youtube "critics" at all shows just how much the board is on decline. How many of you guys are also sissyposters?

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Spencer is controlled opposition anyway.

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You know, for all shit AA has gotten, at least that fat ignorant slob can be funny at times.

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>Overreacts to criticism?
Not really a Bernd thing. It's keinshits that defend their ego the hardest.

>Wants a circlejerk to agree with him and provide tips/information?
KC is not a circlejerk. If you noticed, most replies disagree with the OP.
Make a thread calling Russia shit ---> People defend Russia
Make a thread praising Russia ---> People hate Russia

>Makes a fool of himself online? Check
Bernd does this ironically, or with self-awareness

>Loves to "analize" things and show how intelligent he is?
Ehhh some Bernds try to make themselves seem smart

The dude has a girlfriend btw, so he's not KC material.

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>KC is not a circlejerk. If you noticed, most replies disagree with the OP.

OPs are by design against what KC believes, in order to arouse angry KC circlejerk responses

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How did he make a fool of himself?

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AA is dumb as shit and relies on his followers to give him money so he can continue his slob lifestyle and eat mushrooms.

Sargon at least reads and does something.

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Are you accusing me of being alt-right?

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He's also a bisexual soyboy that loves having his nipples clamped.

Very KC tier.

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If I want an intellectual insight I will read published papers. Youtube on the other hand is a great place for lolcows.

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Pregnant trout.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

If I want an intellectual insight I will watch this guy

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Only one of these faggots is worth following and that's Sargon, his Twitter in particular and the reason for that is that this random nigger kid hacks his account every now and then and posts the most hilarious shit. Has happened 3 or 4 times now if I remember correctly.

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Mister Metokur destroyed him forever and ever.

ntfblog Avatar

umm nope?

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This cunt is even worse than all the aforementioned ones. Absolutely can't stand how he acts during le yootoob debates. Rolling eyes, imitating in funny voice, constant fidgeting and shaking of head... it's like he's an obnoxious teenager girl inside. Also, the whole edgy persona he's doing(your pic related) is just that, edgy aimed at 13-yos.

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Unrelated to the discussion but from what movie/show is this clip from? Im sure I have seen it but doesn't come to my mind right now.

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These are all the things Shit and Tea is getting flak for:

1. Rejects Evolution
Extreme opposition to the belief that different races have different intelligence.

2. Censorship
Got a youtuber, RageAfterStorm, fired from her job because she said that different races have different intelligence.

3. Schizophrenia
Probably can be clinically diagnosed with this.

4. Censorship Redux
Tried to dox a number of people (expose their personal information, location, etc. to the entire internet) because he disagreed with them.

5. Literal Kcmod
A forum post by Kraut indicate that he is "fine if his girlfriend is in an open relationship" because "it's just basic biology".

6. Fake Accent
His accent is the impersonation of a sophisticated Englishman. He a German Jew who dropped out of high school.

7. Controlled Opposition
Got his followers by bitching about Islamic extremism, yet doesn't even support parties like AfD because they are "racist".

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He's KC personified.

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Mister Metokur is basically on the same IQ89 level as Destiny. If not worse, at least Destiny doesn't run a vapid drama channel.

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You just jealous cause Mister M goes after all the real issues, gives no fucks and makes more money then you just with Patreon.

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>caring about internet """personalities"""
Off yourselves.

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>Extreme opposition to the belief that different races have different intelligence.
Wrong. He acknowledged the Bell Curve.

>Probably can be clinically diagnosed with this.
Not schizoophrenia. But it really seems like he has some anger management problems.

>He a German Jew who dropped out of high school.
Also wrong. He is Bavarian, but his father is an Englishman. But the accent is really quite annyoing, German mixed with wannabe-English, total cancer.


Well, he has a gf. So no.

Unless we are talking KC2018 here.

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>goes after all the real issues

Drama is a real issue? I beg to differ.

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

Ah now I see, I remember him being advertised on AA's videos linking to his Islam critic videos.

>7.Controlled Opposition
>Got his followers by bitching about Islamic extremism, yet doesn't even support parties like AfD because they are "racist".

That is a pretty reasonable stance though.

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funny how his opponents+racists have no real arguments so they have to use ad hominem

karsh Avatar

Very hard to take someone like him seriously tho. Easy for him to say it's ad hominem to say he's basically a failed dwarf.

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Watch the debate he had with Sargon. Sargon ripped him a new one.

Like seriously I don't understand wtf is wrong with Destiny, of all the hills one can chose to die on, he picked Neoliberalism, like what the actual fuck? Why on all earth would someone who is not a Wallstreet banker do that?

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Isn't he also pro-pedophilia?

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>Sargon isn't neoliberal
Tbh I don't know much about him but I thought he was neolib.

jpotts18 Avatar

He is very very controversial.
I always thought he was alt-right

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Nah I think not, he is just trying to be edgy 'cause he is an absolute narcissist who lusts for attention. So he says crazy and edgy shit on his streams.


Destiny is a neoliberal, not Sargon. Or at least Destiny did put forth arguments in the debate with Sargon which were quintesentially neoliberal.

Sargon is a classical liberal in the English tradition, a centrist. At least that is what he says.

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According to the man himself he is a classic liberal but actually he is just an intellectual dwarf just like the rest of these "internet personalities". Poor destiny is both physical and intellectual midget.

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Sargon is true KC tier

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He is kinda sorta friendly with some alt-right figures like Jean Fracnois, Braving Ruins, and Millennial Woes.

But since the debate with Richard Spencer and since he made recently clear that he intends to go the way of liberalism the alt-right hates him. Their salt in his comment sections is delicious.

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I respect him for his ability to destroy everyone in debates

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Most things we know about the ancient greek philosophers such as Aristoteles, Plato and Pythagoras are thanks to other ancient greeks circlejerking them and documenting the debates that occured.

Imagine in a thousand years, when people look back at our time like we look back at greek, they will see these communities and debates and all the drama around it.

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The difference is that the greeks were pioneers and actually contributed. These yt critics just repeat the same old shit over and over again and fight with each other.

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At least they do something to earn money, unlike so many in kc.

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How do you feel about this?