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I don't think I've ever before seen a tragedy so condensed and arresting as this pic.

johnriordan Avatar

Little Elliot Rodger

donjain Avatar

They are happy.

You just jealous cause your race is dying and you can't do shit about it.

vladyn Avatar

Little monkey on the left look like a hooker

terpimost Avatar

Boy will grow up to be Elliot tier after his sister and 90% of the girls he went to school with become prostitutes who live much better lives than him just by sucking dick.

hota_v Avatar

The inverse is pretty worst, nigga.

betraydan Avatar

You have no idea what's going on in this pic, do you? That woman is a Filipino prostitute. The child in her arms is an anglo sexpat's bastard.

jpotts18 Avatar

Look at the mirror.

starburst1977 Avatar

So what?

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I really like pictures that show everything you need to know about a country in one. This picture for example, is the perfect representation of modern Germany.
There's so much going on here. There's the obvious decadence of the white germans. Then there's the fact that the german man is podgy and stiff, it looks like he doesn't really want to be there but has been dragged into it. Then there's the brown skinned foreigner, fit and muscular, literally just going to fucking town doing his thing. And between them, clearly watching the foreigner and ignoring her german man is the slutty german woman. There's so much going on in this photo that allegorises modern germany.
Look at the resentment on the german man's face. Compare it to the growing AfD movement in Germany.

javorszky Avatar

males can only date down the neoteny ladder, not up it.

That's why WMAF and BMWF always produce unstable offspring.

keremk Avatar

Volta pro 55, retardado.

clubb3rry Avatar

That picture makes me sad. I wonder how that kid will end up or what he will think about his whole situation when he grows up.

Also, it made me remember the movie Mammoth

adhiardana Avatar

Why? Imagine all the Pinay pussy he'll swim in when he grows up.

Probably he'll miss out on education & stuff that he'd get in the 1st world but still.

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Cry more, branquinho.

ionuss Avatar

>The child in her arms is an anglo sexpat's bastard.

Whoa whoa, bud. How the fuck do you know the kid's Anglo, and not some Dutchie or Kraut?

Until I see the kid's Ancestry DNA results, I won't have you putting the blame solely on us.

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maybe he will be celeb because he is good looking mixed kid

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Being a nigger isn't enough for you, you have to be a pathetic nigger too.

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I have absolutely no tears to shed for the Filipino people.

They've got more than their fair share of benefits immigrating to this country as war brides. They're the worst kind of honorless monkey bastards, and they aren't to ever be trusted.

seanwashington Avatar

Whoa I didn't realize Mark Wahlberg posts on KC

turkutuuli Avatar


They're scum. I don't care what anybody says, I class Filipinos alongside chimpanzees. Sad reminders of our previous life swinging from tree to tree and clacking coconuts against rocks with our feet.

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Brexit tier

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so edgy

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Fortress Europe has a great standard of living but they are not the future.
Countries like Bangladesh and the Philippines are the future.

nehemiasec Avatar

Bangladesh will literally be underwater in an decades

stephcoue Avatar

mfw filipino rapebabies are yammering near me

markolschesky Avatar

I have nothing against Flips, I just think sex tourism in SEA is an extremely sad and disturbing phenomenon.

cat_audi Avatar

sex tourism in general is disturbing, my comment was intended for >>43464886

n_tassone Avatar

Wow rude

he'll probably be fine. kids who are whiter get treated pretty well there.

canapud Avatar

It's very racist of them to say that a white child looks American

xspirits Avatar

The only tragedy here is that the white child will grow up among brown gook creaturas

White father should take the child

curiousonaut Avatar

because he is, flip family adopted him in the US and took him back

aadesh Avatar

Enjoy it, cause you're one of the last ones! :^)

trickyolddog Avatar

He's hapa

the code switching between English and whatever the other language was (tagalog?) is crazy

_zm Avatar

It's still offensive to Americans of Colour and these Filips should be ashamed.

lightory Avatar


he'll probably become a flip police officer, you really think racial caste systems don't exist in these places? He's white enough to be a politician or police commander

oaktreemedia Avatar

>the code switching between English and whatever the other language was (tagalog?) is crazy

It's a mix of English/Spanish/Tagalog. Flips have been fucked by so many Europeans over the years they don't even know what they speak anymore.

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When you apologize for turning Burma into a shithole, then you can chastise other nations for their indiscretions.

xravil Avatar

And yet looks whiter than you

madebyvadim Avatar

Interesting. How do Flips get along with their neighbors? Do they have good relations with Australia, Singapore, Indonesia etc.?

fatihturan Avatar

No he's an actual white american, he says in the video he was adopted as a baby but raised in the Philippines, and he's speaking with a completely native accent. This is him now, dude is living the life.

tube_man Avatar

They're ultra-nationalistic maids and mariners. AFAIK they're known as servants in my home country.

Bernd Avatar

> 1st pic
lol his chinese friend is bigger and better looking

mhwelander Avatar


He's definitely 6/10 on the USA.

But in Fliplandia, he's 8/10 just for being white.

rcass Avatar

They're well respected in Filipino culture due to Spanish Casta heritage. White makes you right.

A similar story but different outcome would be the GI babies in Vietnam. Abandoned by their moms and left to the streets. Treatment of them was so bad, the US automatically gave them free citizenship. Knew one. He Didn't know a word of English. Ended up on opiates.

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This video represents the state of Britannia

georgedyjr Avatar

Vietnam STRONK