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I'm a NEET, and I guess now former shut in. But going outside isn't so bad. Does the experience vary from country to country? Going outside after such a long time, its all so new and pleasurable to me.

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What is Tom up to these days?

herrhaase Avatar

That sounds interesting, but also unsettling. When I went to the shops today I was struck with blurry vision when I first walked into the shopping complex. I didn't feel anxious or anything though, so maybe it was just a condition brought about from a lifetime of staring at a screen.

hibrahimsafak Avatar

This happens to me, but I just talk really fast. And people prob Im on meth or something. But its just i forgot how to keep my thoughts and speech going at the same speed, because I talk to people so rarely

otozk Avatar

not much has changed in my home town. few areas got renovated. same shit just new buildings. it's alright i guess. i rarely leave the house as is. i take vitamin d supplements to compensate.

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I remember having to go buy the groceries after not leaving my flat for four months when there was no more food left. As soon as I stepped out outside, I felt dizzy, as if I was in a fever dream, the air was cool and extremely fresh. Now consider that I was out at winter
night, when the snow sparkles, street lamps have these light halos around them, people and things in the distance just look like dark silhouttes. The surreal feeling just doubled.

Eventually I spent around an hour or two just wandering around nearby commieblock courtyards and a park that's not too far away from my flat.

It was really great. Better than getting pissdrunk from expensive alcohol.

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similar settis here. i have developed a mantra to say less than necessary at all times.